Game 63, 2016

Dodgers at Giants, 4:15PM PT, TV: Fox

The Dodgers send Scott Kazmir (5-3, 4.46 ERA) to do battle with Jeff Samardzija (7-4, 3.33 ERA). Kazmir has made two starts against the Giants this season and they haven’t been good: he’s given up 10 runs in eight innings in the two games. In Samardzija’s last start he went five innings against the Cardinals and gave up six runs on nine hits, four of them HRs.

Puig goes to Lake Elsinore Rancho Cucamonga to begin rehab on Monday. The Dodgers want him to shorten his swing a bit while there, hoping to reduce his rotation and “eliminate some of the strain he exerts.”

Lineup when available.

I just noticed that in this lineup all members of the infield hit first. Then Roberts goes off script and has C Yasmani hitting between CF Joc and LF Howie. Come on, Doc, symmetry is important!

60 thoughts on “Game 63, 2016

  1. Joc in last 7 games has struck out out twice in 18 at bats for a strikeout rate of 0.111. His BABIP over that span was 0.133. He is making contact and mostly hitting the ball hard but not getting any luck.

  2. And watch. This will be the year when Jansen makes his first ASG – when all his peripheral numbers are down.

    • Part of me says lots to like about this game.
      Lots of hits. Good relief pitching until Jansen.
      Bad baserunning by the Dodgers did them in. Those 2 outs at 3rd base.

  3. Should we be feeling nervous about Jansen coming in after last night?
    Nah. Not a chance.

  4. So it strikes me that scoring in the 2 inning and 10th works just as well as 1st and 9th.

  5. Glad the Dodgers at least tied it in the 7th. Nothing doing in the 8th.

  6. Dodgers down a run on the road with 3 innings left against a team 3 games better than them. And yet – I like their chances.

  7. It is gratifying if weird to have not only the Dodgers radio broadcast available every day, but also the Yankees one. I had no idea the Yankees had a woman doing color commentary. She’s got an interesting background

      • After watching Joc get the double on last night’s grounder into right center field and seeing Trace tag up from first and go to second and a few other times Joc and Trace have been running more, I wonder if Roberts wants them to run more or if Joc and Trace have just agreed between themselves to run more.

        The pitcher was looking back at Joc on second once and then stared at the catcher before pitching. I was thinking that Joc should steal third but he had a short lead when he broke for third.

  8. Shoot. The Dodgers forgot to score in the first inning. How can they do the first and last inning thing now?

    • I though that was a better hit than the dinger, which came off a hanger down the middle.

  9. McCarthy and Ryu are also rehabbing at Elsinore this weekend. McCarthy’s first game action in well over a year.