Game 50, 2015

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Clayton Kershaw takes the mound in hopes of continuing his ERA’s downward trend while getting his fourth win. He’s 3-3 with a 3.86 ERA. Kershaw is 7-3 lifetime at Coors Field in 16 starts with a 4.78 ERA and he’s given up 12 home runs there, more than in any park except Dodger Stadium. His opponent is Kyle Kendrick, who started the year off horridly but who has been improving in his last four starts. He’s 2-6 with a 6.38 ERA, which looks awful but is markedly better than the 8.73 it was on May 3. He’s gone at least seven innings in three of those last four games.


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  1. So, the Dodgers amend “you can never have too much pitching” with

    “or outfielders.”

      • Phlablo’s not a whole lot better. The Gnats appear to have dumped him at precisely the right time. The question now may be “Will he live out his contract?”

      • Link: No new post until the last post reaches at least 50 comments! Then they will have shown me they can handle the responsibility of a new one.

  2. Amusing to watch last night’s Gnatlights when the Busted Poseur lost an AB because a guy dressed in a B*nds Pittsburgh jersey interfered with Pirate RFer (who might not have caught the ball). Guy got a standing ovation before being escorted out (presumably).

    • And here I am at 8:30 CT needing to wait 2 more hours for that update!

  3. VERY nice, especially for and with Kershaw.
    I tuned in just after Joc’s blast and heard that the hitting slump was overcome — for this game at least. . . . May it be forevermore!

  4. Nicasio to start game two of the doubleheader tomorrow. 10th pitcher to sart a game for the Dodgers so far this season. I guess it will be a bullpen game – so I hope Greinke continues to be strong in the first game.

  5. AJ with the hit. Helps the box score look more unified with every starter now having a hit.

  6. Klayton’s babip for his last two starts has dropped about .100 to .286, which is around the average.

  7. I have my writers group tonight, but I still harbor high hopes for Kershaw in this game. Go Blue!

  8. Looking for a lot of K’s tonight?: Klayton Kershaw versus Kyle Kendrick.