Game Two, 2015

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PT, TV: SNLA Spanish, SportsNet LA

In their Opening Day game the Dodgers came back to win a game, something they had a terrible time doing last year. Better, they won it on the strength of a home run from one of their newcomers, Jimmy Rollins. Rollins went 2 for 4 on the day. Another Jimmy, Mr. Wynn, started his Dodger career the same way, going 3 for 5 with a home run in his first game in Blue back in 1974.

Today’s pitching matchup pits Zack Greinke for the Dodgers versus Tyson Ross (isn’t that name better suited for a prizefighter?) for the Padres. Greinke is 4-0 with a 1.84 ERA in his career against the Padres, while Ross was 0-4 against the Dodgers in four starts last year, albeit with a 2.67 ERA. He didn’t get a lot of help from his offense, obviously. Overall, Ross had a good year on a bad team. He was 13-14 with a 2.81 ERA. He struck out one batter per inning and gave up 30 fewer hits than innings pitched.


161 thoughts on “Game Two, 2015

  1. Gnatt Cain–as WBB calls him–to the 15 day DL with flexor tendon strain. Bochy said he expects it will be a two-week injury for Cain, who’s making his 5th DL trip to the DL in the last two years.

    In other Gnats gnews, they have signed none other than Kevin Correia to a minors deal.

    Maybe he will prove to be a Troj-gnat horse later this year.

    • The Gnats also lost Brandon Belt to a groin strain – had to leave the game, but haven’t heard anything more since then.

        • In reality, the Gnats starting rotation is as bad as last year’s Dodger bullpen – it’s got some big names no longer capable of delivering the goods. BadGums is the only one who’d even make the Dodger staff, and he’d be the No. 3 starter only because Ryu’s on the DL.

  2. Last night in Oakland, Brett Lawrie K’d four times on a total of 12 pitches.

    • You and radio version Vin. Anyway, don’t worry – you will get stamina back.

  3. San Diego’s acquisition of Kimbrel: the deal of the century. We needed Bowie Kuhn to block this trade.

  4. Bullpen tonight: 3 innings, 9 hits, 6 runs (3 earned), 1 walk, 2 strikeouts.

  5. If Don had had more than two pitches’ faith in Paco, the result might have been different.

  6. I might head off too, I need to get home as I am going out for dinner with my lovely wife kid free tonight and I need to get ready

  7. Well friends – I think I will call it a night. Hope for some magic, but it’s a long season and a game like this will happen every so often. No sense in getting too down over it.
    See you tomorrow/later today for Game 3.

  8. Unless the Dodgers have a stirring comeback – 4 teams in the NL west will be looking up in the standings to the mighty Colorado Rockies.

  9. Perhaps the Dodgers are trying to get all their bad play for the month all done in one night. Surprised that for all their mistakes the game is as close as it is. But now – less close.

  10. 12:20am here in the ‘Peg and I’m starting to fade. Might not make it to the end of this game – especially with Mattingly going to the bullpen every 5 minutes. I think he is still in spring training mode of trying to get innings in for all his pitchers

  11. Anyone else feel like the ump was squeezing Greinke? Looked obvious to me, but I am definitely biased. Plus, way too many Padres with beards. They are an hairy team…

  12. Finally. That was a bad half inning. Defensive lapse by Rollins and over-managing by Mattingly.

    Still, I like the Dodgers’ chances to pull this one out again.

  13. Feels like Greinke could have maybe gone one more inning. But the pen has some life in it so the move might (should?) work out fine.

  14. OT. Sorry friends but I am surprised and pleased to see the Kings lose to the Oilers tonight. Trust me when I say I would rather have the Flames miss the playoffs than the Kings, but LA’s loss tonight – along with the Jets win over the Blues – really helps Winnipeg’s chances of making it in.

  15. I hope they do something soon, because the school lunch break is over in 5 minutes

    • I was thinking that. We have been pretty dry here too, but we got 87 mm (almost 3 and a half inches) of rain yesterday so our water tank is now full and things are looking a bit greener

    • We had quite a storm last night in Oakland. My malamute didn’t want to go outdoors this morning. That said, it was pretty insignificant in the greater scheme of things.

  16. Tip of the cap to the Toy Cannon! Saw him hit three dingers against the Padres.

  17. Let’s keep the good times rolling tonight! I’m thinking Greinke pitches even better than Kershaw did yesterday and the Dodgers win 4-2.