Game 13, 2015

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Brett Anderson has started two games for the Dodgers so far this season, going six innings in one game and five innings in the other. He got a no-decision in the first game and picked up a win in the second. He’s got an ERA of 3.27. He’s only made three starts against the Giants in his career, and he’s 0-2 with a 5.25 ERA.

Anderson will face two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum, who hasn’t looked like the same pitcher he was in 2008 and 2009 when he won those awards in quite a while. He’s started two games this year. In his first outing he looked like a throwback to those years, though; he went 7 scoreless innings, walked 3, struck out 5 and gave up 4 hits. Unfortunately he didn’t get a decision. His second outing was similar: he went 5 innings, giving up 6 hits and 3 runs while walking only 1 and striking out 4. In that one he got a loss. Lincecum is 9-7 with a 3.38 ERA in 24 career starts against the Dodgers.


Puig is in the lineup, which means his hamstring is better. It also means that Mattingly knows he’s 8 for 14 against Lincecum in his short time in the big leagues.

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    • When you’ve got a washed-up hack like Lincecum on the mound, be patient and let him take himself out of the game.

  1. Not being able to see last night’s game was a blessing in disguise. Tonight’s is on local TV, so I’ll mute the sound and listen to Vin for three innings, then no sound at all to avoid being Steinered.

  2. After the top of the 7th ended I thought this game was cruising along.
    Not any more.

  3. This new stattracker stuff is almost mind boggling in how much it can calculate. It will lead to a whole new leaderboard of categories: max speed of runners, exit velocity for hitters, revolutions per second for pitchers and a whole bunch more.

  4. Gonzo continues to cool down from his unsustainable hot start. But that one almost sneaked through.

    • Their pen’s been overachieving for much too long, but so far this year it’s caught up with them.

  5. foul tip mentioned this about 4 hours ago, but curious as to what you guys think is going on with Chris Heisey and what he is doing up with the Dodgers? Any guesses as to what move(s) will happen?

  6. Vin makes the good point that when you shift against him you need to pitch to his strength (but, I guess that applies to everyone).

    • Some nights it’s just not your night. Unless it turns out to be your night later.

  7. Maybe the Dodgers only warm up once this game thread warms up, There have certainly been more comments in the last few innings than the start of the game.

  8. Every hit of theirs except for the triple and Crawford’s double has found a hole, not rolled foul, squibbed where we are not, etc. whereas our balls are like magnets to their mitts. May not be our night. Anderson not playing smart on the field at all, either. But then we have Vin: So the Dodgers stick out their toe on the road, and the Giants run over it.

  9. Like being killed by a hundred thousand paper cuts. With a dash of lemon juice on top.

  10. Definitely glad we have won 7 in a row or else this one would be even more troubling than it feels now. Only one hard hit ball by the gnats out of the 7 hits they have.

  11. So far tonight feels like the game the Dodgers lost 6-0 to the Rockies. All the breaks going one way, that is.

  12. In Denver, Kemp arguably misplayed a double into a triple. Rox tie it up, 2-2 in the fourth.

  13. I can’t recall any other pitcher who’s gone from HOF candidate to washed-up as quickly as Lincescum.