Game 143, 2014

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Zack Greinke (13-8, 2.72 ERA) goes against Trevor Cahill (3-10, 5.06 ERA). Cahill has had a horrible year which has included a trip to Single A Visalia and Triple A Reno. His last time out he gave up five hits, walked six, and surrendered three earned runs in four innings.


43 thoughts on “Game 143, 2014

  1. So, do I have this right….League, who doesn’t miss bats, strikes out the side in the 9th, no hits, no walks?

    Gameday says there still was a good bit of contact, but he did generate 3 swinging strikes.

  2. Anyone have any idea who the last Dodger might have been to hit three-run homers in back-to-back innings?

  3. We went 15-4 vs. the Diamondbacks this year. It reminds me of when the Mets entered the league in 1962. Our record vs. the Mets for their first three years was 16-2 in 1962, 16-2 in 1963 and 15-3 in 1964. That was a three-year total of 47-7. The Dodgers’ record vs. Mets, 1962 through 1967, was 83-25.

  4. Is this the first time League has had a perfect inning?
    Sure feels that way.

    Finally a chance to put pressure on the Giants!

  5. Originally on ESPN play by play they said it was Mattingly , Wallach and Kershaw got ejected, now they have changed it to just Mattingly and kershaw

  6. I assumed they got heated up after Eithier was plunked after the 2 HR and no one got tossed

    • Plunked is about right. It was a big slow curve. I think the umps warned both dugouts and Mattingly got mad, saying something like “what the heck did WE do to deserve a warning?” Then Kershaw might have raised his voice a little so he got tossed. I suspect Mattingly objected to that so he got ejected, and then Wallach objected to THAT so he got ejected. Good thing there probably will be no need for strategic decisions in the last two innings of this game.

  7. wow, I peeked in briefly 0-2 down, no hits in the 5th. Much happier now as I arrive to work.

  8. Is it possible to transfer your remaining opponents to one of your choice?
    On two different continents, the Dodgers are grateful for the D-Backs this year.

  9. It is the first time as a Dodger that Puig, batting seventh, is in the starting lineup in anything lower than the six spot in the order.