11 thoughts on “Dodgers in Playoffs

  1. If some of the guys are banged up, Kemp, Uribe, Hanley, whoever, they should start resting them. I think Grienke and Kershaw would benefit from a breather too. After the Giants are put away, off course…

  2. So there WILL be a postseason!

    Russell Martin was instrumental in that game, helping to defeat Milwaukee . . . hopefully he’s even more connected with the Dodgers next year!

    Brewers had such a great start . . . like the A’s . . . and the Giants . . . hopefully SF will follow in the steps of the other two.

    The WC game is Oct. 1, LDS Game 1 Oct. 3. If I’m figuring correctly, Kersh will be ready for either.

    Meanwhile, go Pads! (They lead, 4-0 in the 3rd!)