Game 99, 2014

Dodgers at Cardinals, 1:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS1

Zack Greinke (11-5, 2.73 ERA) versus Joe Kelly (1-1, 3.44 ERA). Kelly missed most of the first half of the season with a strained hamstring; his last start on July 11 was his first since April, and it didn’t go well: he gave up six runs on seven hits and two walks in three innings.

41 thoughts on “Game 99, 2014

  1. Except for featuring Kershaw to a national audience, it’s a shame manana is the ESPN late game because the Dodger offense is the Not Ready For Primetime Hitters.

  2. Bob in Vegas was on point when he posted this a little bit ago: “Throw out the first 9 games vs. the D-Backs and the CO scores and what do you have?” The Dodgers have scored 149 runs in 27 games against Arizona and Colorado, an average of 5.5 runs per game. Against everyone else, we have scored 257 runs in 71 games, an average of 3.6. Also, we are 26-11 combined against Arizona, Colorado and San Diego, and 28-33 against everyone else, not counting today’s game.

    • I know MLB is different than the NFL in that finishing 1st doesn’t “penalize” you with a tougher schedule the next year. But it doesn’t seem worth the effort to back into the playoffs — as a wild card or even through an even worse performance by the Giants — if the Dodgers can’t beat the winning teams.

      But — it ain’t over ’til it’s over. . . . I’m hoping that all the expected hitters on one team can’t all have their worst years at the same time.

  3. If that doesn’t epitomize the way our hitting has gone this year, I don’t know what could. Back to back Ks from two of our supposed hitting stars.

    • We have a lot of grossly overpaid “hitters.” Kemp has fanned in 11 of his past 18 ABs. I think that Ramirez is playing hurt and should have been put on the DL quite a while ago.

    • Bad management. The higher level of management is supposed to secure better players. The field manager is supposed to “manage’ acceptable performance from those players. And use them correctly. Both Colletti and Mattingly have failed.

  4. In play, run(s), when there are runners on second and third with no outs and you’re trailing by three late in the game, you want more than a sacrifice fly.

    • Throw out the first 9 games vs. the D-Backs and the CO scores and what do you have?
      LA has to thank AZ they’re in contention.
      The problem is they can’t beat anyone that’s good — determined by their record.

      • Also, we have an unfortunate knack for making pitchers appear better than they are. Kind of like when you sign up for an outdoor cabin on a cruise and they bump you up to one with a veranda. Well, not quite like that.

  5. It has to be frustrating to be a starting pitcher for the Dodgers lately, knowing that if you fall behind by three or more runs, it will be difficult to emerge with anything but a loss.

  6. What an awful start to this game. 4-0 Cardinals after four batters. We’ve already committed two errors and hit into one DP.

  7. Van Slyke starting today against a righty instead of Ethier. Interesting. Kemp also on the bench.

      • I think that Kemp will never be the player that he was three years ago. That would be sad. I hope that I am wrong, but I have seen few signs that I am.

          • I think he’s got good numbers for a second baseman or a catcher, but not for an outfielder, particularly a power-hitting outfielder that he used to be.