Pregame reading

A runner and writer named Rachel Toor has written a remembrance of a summer she spent in Missoula, Montana where she met Bob Welch in a fork of the Columbia River. Over that summer he and she dated a little and he taught her to pitch.

It’s a nice piece of writing about a guy we oldsters remember pretty well.

2 thoughts on “Pregame reading

  1. Good read.

    Unsurprisingly, Puig’s bat flip after the walk where he nearly beaned the ump, the catcher, and/or himself is among top videos everywhere. As someone said, no one except Puig could turn a routine walk into a media event/circus.

    Jay Jaffe takes an up-close look at where the team is and its chances to catch SF, and references a long piece by Verducci in the print mag, which I think is behind a paywall.