Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!

I hope everyone enjoys their evening and wakes up tomorrow with a minimal hangover.

For 2014 let’s hope the Dodgers solidify their infield and win the West again this year, and then go further and get to the World Series for the first time in 26 years. If you’d told me in 1988 that the team wouldn’t get into a Series again until at least 2014 I’d never have believed you.

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  2. As usual, Dodgers seem to have had more firsts than usually realized, specifically in baseball aviation. Story at link also mingles some dodger history with the aviation angle.

    Appears Walter O’Malley won one of the team planes playing craps, and seems to have had an ability to resell the planes for what he originally paid–nice deals if you can get them.

    Links to this were up at dodgers.com cut 4, but they seem to have been deadended. Following does work.


    Beyond that, one of the pictures shows a tailless former Dodger plane, which got me wondering about the plane boneyards in AZ. Which some may be interested in, here on Link’s Dodger Plane Thoughts ;-])

    I think there are military and commercial boneyards. Not sure if the former Dodger plane is at this one. If I ever get the chance, probably will tour this one and maybe others if possible.


  3. A fellow blogger inspired by Jon salutes him. What I’ve seen of the blogger’s thinkblue site is at least worth the time to check out occasionally.

    One thing I hope people don’t do with Jon’s new post is hold him to impossible standards, like immediately being able to zap 100% of trolls in dodgers.com comments. That’s not possible, tho he no doubt will try to clean things up there.

    But his job is not hall monitor. Nor will he likely be able to utilize his “thank you for not” 12-step troll recovery program.

    In a better world he could, and make it stick. In a perfect world the list wouldn’t be needed.

    A major culture clash may be in the offing when the thinking and mostly rational commenters of places like DT, EF, and other good Dodger blogs run into some of the knuckledraggers who show up at dodgers.com. But it may be entertaining, at least.

    With any luck most dwellers of the lower worlds have moved on to become “fans” of other teams. We can hope, can’t we?

      • Its bound to be totally different, as he will have a broader audience of more casual fans and the need to constrain his own personal thoughts.

        • Also, he may find it hard to criticize players directly, as he needs to have a good working relationship with them.

          • Unusual for Jon to be critical of players in any event, usually in the vein of how they might be being used.

  4. Apropos of nothing much, I resolve to take much longer and less productive naps on each successive New Years’ Day.

  5. I think package was wondering about IF possibilities for the Dodgers. A couple are mentioned in this, but that’s pretty much all I know about them. No way to know if there’s team interest.

    Jeff Baker is described as playing several positions and tough on left-handers, which means he’s a righty. But so is/was Ellis, who might have been a 2B mentor to Guerrero/reserve. Alexi Casilla I know nothing about. Don’t think the team is real high on the return of Young, nor should they be.


    • I read the SI article that you posted. Thanks for answering. What are thoughts of possibly signing Drew for a backup to Hanley and a 2nd base option??

      • Doesn’t sound bad if he’d accept a backup role, or fallback role if Guerrero is hurt or isn’t ready. Unlikely he’d accept backup or fallback level $$$, tho that doesn’t seem to be a concern for the Dodgers any more. He was tendered, so there’s draft pick consideration.

        Latest I saw on Drew is top item at next link. It’s from a couple days back.


        Following link is to si.com’s free agent tracker. If anyone’s going to wade thru all of it, be sure to bring lunch.


        • Having read the SI article, perhaps Drew is not the way to go but I sure hate to be stuck with Gordon and it doesn’t sound like there is much left. Let’s face it, Hanley, Uribe, and the new guy sounds like injury city.

          • In hindsight, reupping Ellis for a year and/or getting another 3rd (Chavez?) might not have been a bad idea, given age/injuries and the risks of just handing 2nd base to the new guy. We have Sellers for emergencies, but Ned will need to get creative.

          • Good points Bob but don’t you think that Ned will use Dee? Somebody up there loves him for sure.

          • Thinking about our conversation earlier, Bob or anyone else, do you think that Dee Gordon will ever make it in the bigs?? I have a suspicion that Dee has a sponsor up the ladder like Tommy or someone else. I just can’t understand with his lackluster play over the last few seasons why they would even consider him? Plus, they gave him the SS job a couple of years ago and he failed miserably. I just don’t see with the money the Dodgers have why they would still have him on the club and not to mention, nobody else wants him.

          • Based on the Dodgers like for utility players that can play outfield and middle infield, I think Gordon will have a role with the Dodgers as a backup. He fit in well with the horseplay in the dugout last year.

          • As they say, he has one of those skills that can’t be taught. On the other hand, there are some things that he hasn’t been able to learn.

          • I know it’s not a popular thought around here, but Young really fits all needs.

          • DM might have to reduce his double switching ways a bit. Given his defensive liabilities, Young would seem to fit more as an occassional starter and PH.

  6. Everyone here will be interested in this. And in watching dodgers.com closely Jan. 6.

    Headline for lengthy dodgers.com item today by Gurnick on Jon’s new job:

    “Weisman’s dream becomes reality with new position
    Longtime Dodger Thoughts blogger spearheading club’s new blog”

    “LOS ANGELES — During the Winter Meetings, the Dodgers landed a Rule 5 pitcher and Jon Weisman.’


        • Though A’s fans are not nearly so insufferable as Gnatfans, it was still a pleasurable October. Two Gnatfan friends arrived at my house to gloat just before Gibson’s HR, and an A’s fan who had come over to watch switched the TV off immediately afterward.

  7. Question: Am I a bad fan if I actually root against my own team due to the fact that I don’t agree with their personnel / coaching decisions, and I simply don’t want (what I believe to be) poor decisions to end up being successful??? (FYI – I’m referring to the Lakers)

    • The simple answer is yes, but its more complicated than that (full disclosure: I am a Raiders fan).

        • As an Oakland resident, I’d be happy to chip in to move the Raiders back to the Southland. We have enough extortionists without them.

      • Man I’m sorry about that Bob. My feeling for a decade has been that the Raiders have given up trying to win at football in favor of presenting a thug image that sells merchandise.

        • This has led me to stop regularly following the NFL except on occasion (like watching RGIII last year) and the playoffs.