Whither the Dodgers?

via ESPN, here’s a link to a radio interview Stan Kasten did on Friday with ESPNLA’s Max Kellerman and Ramona Shelburne. It’s enlightening.

Update: Go look at the Twitter photo Jon’s posted over at Dodger Thoughts. It’s the Dodgers’ regular catcher recovering from surgery for a torn meniscus in his left knee, but there are some humorous Twitter thoughts added to the photo.

Update #2: Kemp’s damaged shoulder was hurt more than anticipated. The labrum had to be reattached, and the docs say he may not be at full strength when spring training starts.

10 thoughts on “Whither the Dodgers?

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  2. 9:35 on the east cost and the game is in the bottom of the third. Wonder what time it will finish?

  3. Would this be the Orioles first playoff game with the cartoon emblem since the 1983 World Series?