LCS, Day Nine

Who’d a thunk it, but there’s a Game Seven in the NLCS today. The Giants have fought back to tie the series after being down three games to one, so today’s game is for all the marbles and a trip to the World Series. The Giants send out Matt Cain to do battle with the Cardinals’ Kyle Lohse in a rematch of the starters for Game Three last week.

8 thoughts on “LCS, Day Nine

  1. Good grief. On the bright side, it doesn’t look like the Cards are going to the World Series. On the down side, that means the Giants will.

    You know what that means? That there actually will be a Giants – Tigers World Series. There’s never been one. The closest was in 1908, but Fred Merkle committed his “bonehead play” which cost the Giants the pennant. The Cubs won and beat the Tigers for their last World Championship to the present day.

    Bob Timmermann reminded me of that on Facebook earlier today.

  2. Its been a great series so far…congrats to whomever wins. It would be nice if the WS started tomorrow.

  3. Sheesh, I’m getting tired of saying to myself the Gnats can’t pull this off, can they? It seems they can.