Now those are lead paragraphs!

President Trump famously declared that in his administration the nation would become tired of all the winning. So on Friday he tried a little losing.

After the longest government shutdown in history, Mr. Trump surrendered with nothing concrete (or steel) to show for the battle, taking essentially the same deal that was on the table in December that he originally rejected, touching off a 35-day impasse.

So begins Peter Baker’s NY Times story of Trump’s cave-in, climb-down, abysmal failure, or pick your phrase today as he announced he’d allow the government to re-open.

I don’t know whether he thought he could bully Speaker Pelosi or whether he just didn’t believe he could be thwarted, since in his first two years in office Congressional Republicans hadn’t objected to much of anything he wanted to do. Either way, he knows differently now.

I don’t expect him to change, though. He’s a stupid and stubborn man whose sole interest is himself. He cares little about the country, its success, or its people. The sooner we’re rid of him the better.

One last thought from Baker:

Whether this episode prompts Mr. Trump to change his approach to governing, it has altered the politics of shutdowns leaving federal workers caught in the middle.

One hopes that’s true. 800 thousand employees and who knows how many contract workers were screwed here for one reason only: the stubbornness of one man and his fixation on a project no one else in government believed in.