Two weeks ago I bought a new flat-screen computer monitor to replace one which was refusing to turn off and/or slow to turn on. That one was an HP1907 that was first released for sale in 2006. It weighed 15 pounds. I had it on top of a metal stand with a pullout keyboard tray.

I got the new one home, took it out of the box and installed it (easy-peasy). It works great. It’s clearer than the old one and the extra inch of width is a help.

I’ve noticed that my view angle to the screen keeps getting skewed away from perpendicular, and it’s taken me numerous adjustments and puzzling to figure out why. The new monitor weighs 6.6 pounds, nearly nine pounds less than the old one. If I cross my legs I occasionally bump the keyboard tray, and guess what? Because the new monitor is so much lighter, I can actually shift the stand if I nudge it too hard.

Problem identified, but solution still a work-in-progress.