Kudlow has heart attack, says Trump

I notice that the media is very cautious about reporting this story. “Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s top economic adviser, suffered a heart attack on Monday evening and was at Walter Reed Medical Center, Mr. Trump said in a tweet.”

Presumably they’re trying to confirm with Walter Reed.

I don’t wish Kudlow any particular ill, but he did just blatantly lie about Canada’s Prime Minister the other day when he claimed Trudeau “…kind of stabbed us in the back.”

Kudlow can’t be so ignorant as not to know what that phrase means in international relations, can he? That phrase was one the Germans used immediately following World War I, first by German Army Chief of Staff Erich Ludendorff and then by Adolf Hitler. The intent was to persuade their citizens that the Allied powers had forced them to sign the Treaty of Versailles which unfairly punished them and to justify rearming Germany. Hitler then used it to claim “the Jews” were vipers in Germany’s midst and had to be eliminated.


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