Oven release!

The Sears guys came to fix the broken latch on the oven door today. They didn’t really fix anything, however. They fooled with it for a few minutes and talked to one another. The senior guy took his hand off the door and it quietly closed all the way as it’s supposed to. I pointed it out, and he was stunned. He had no explanation for it.

He concluded that it was untrustworthy and that putting a new latch assembly in would probably be sensible, so he ordered one. It arrives via UPS sometime within the week, and they come back on May 11 to install it. Meanwhile I can use the oven and hope it doesn’t lock up again.

I ran the autocleaning function for the default 3 and 1/2 hours after they left and it came out pretty darned well. More importantly, the door unlocked when it was done.

Appliances are subject to random failures, I guess.