Whither DACA?

The Internet seems to think Trump will announce Tuesday that all those people known as Dreamers, who were brought to America as children, will be deported. There may be a six-month delay before the actual expulsions begin in order to give Congress time to craft a law to validate their immigration status, it’s reported, but that’s a fig leaf. Congress has tried to pass immigration laws for years and run into hard-line Republican legislators who screech “Amnesty!” and “if they didn’t come in legally they must be deported!” Guys like these weasels:

…Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his former aide, Stephen Miller, who is now the president’s top national policy adviser, have been pushing Mr. Trump to end the program. Both are immigration hard-liners who see ending DACA as a core campaign promise that the president must adhere to.


Eleven state attorneys general wrote to Mr. Sessions in June threatening to mount a legal challenge to the DACA program unless the administration phased out the program by Sept. 5, which is Tuesday. In a meeting at the White House, Mr. Sessions informed Mr. Trump that he would not defend what he considered an unconstitutional order in court, according to people familiar with the conversation, and officials at the White House and the Department of Homeland Security have made the case to the president that his administration would look foolish if it argued in favor of preserving it.

Tennessee’s AG has withdrawn his signature, but that still means there are ten states threatening to sue unless DACA is shut down and the 800K people it covers expelled.

If it were me I’d say to hell with looking foolish, what’s the right thing to do? But for Trump, who’s looked foolish, idiotic, unpresidential and generally worthless since the day he gave that “American carnage” inauguration speech and the next day when he argued that there were more people at his inauguration than had ever attended one before, deliberately looking foolish is the last thing he wants to do.

So now the fate of 800,000 young people whose only “crime” was being brought to this country as children by their parents years ago rests in the hands of the United States Congress. A Congress that has a ruling party that’s already fighting within itself and a minority party which would be willing to help solve this problem but who, it’s thought, can’t be worked with by the majority on pain of primary challenges to its members.

Of all the stupid and wicked things Trump and his Cabinet Secretaries have done in his first seven months, this (barring nuclear war with North Korea) may be the worst.