More white supremacy

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that two white Senators from the Deep South would author legislation meant to keep non-English speakers out of the country.

As usual, Trump makes claims which aren’t substantiated. Trump said the measure “will reduce poverty, increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars.” I suppose he means that the new immigrants won’t be the fieldworkers who come in now. It’s supposed to be a points system:

Under the plan — if approved by Congress, which will be a heavy lift — the highest point-getting candidate, for example, not including special circumstances, would be a 26- to 31-year-old with a US-based doctorate or professional degree, who speaks nearly perfect English and who has a salary offer that’s three times as high as the median income where they are.

Not too many refugees fit that profile, I imagine.

In addition, the senators propose to cap annual refugee admissions at 50,000 and to end a visa diversity lottery that has awarded 50,000 green cards a year, mostly to applicants from African nations.

Cotton said that while some might view the current immigration system as a “symbol of America’s virtue and generosity,” he sees it “as a symbol we’re not committed to working-class Americans and we need to change that.”

Give me a break. Any “merit-based” system which offers higher points the higher the education level is not aimed at “working-class people.” The current system, which lets people in if they’ve got family in this country already, is far more welcoming to those workers than this proposal, which would virtually eliminate family ties from the admission criteria. Hey, too bad for your spouse, your mother, your father, your aunties and uncles and your grandparents, but they wouldn’t contribute much anyhow, would they?

Trump just wants to win something in Congress, but he keeps backing lousy horses.