Here’s an idea

In all the discussion about removing statues of Confederate generals, politicians and soldiers the question comes up: “It’s history. You can’t just eliminate it.” I don’t disagree, but we don’t have to leave the statues in places of honor in our cities like Monument Avenue in Richmond. Why can’t we remove them and put them all in one place for those who want to see them in all their copper verdigris?

This is a bas-relief carved into a huge dome of quartz monzonite (like granite) named Stone Mountain. It’s in north Georgia. It shows Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson on horseback.

I suggest we hollow this sucker out and create a Museum of Treason inside. We place all the now-removed Confederate statues inside, and we let the state of Georgia charge admission, since it’s located in a state park. We require the state to use a portion of the revenue for public education, from elementary schools to the historically black colleges and universities in the state.

It’s a win-win! State gets money, schools get money, other municipalities get rid of their divisive statues!