White House advisor Stephen Miller is an idjit

Several examples:

This is the weasel who appeared on Fox News Sunday today and said the following:

The United States of America has a terrorism problem. We’ve had hundreds cases of foreign national entering our country from other countries and plotting, attempting, or even carrying out terrorist attacks. We’ve spent countless dollars a year, and we have thousands of federal officers and investigators who do nothing but run around the country trying to stop terrorist attacks for no other reason because we make the mistake of letting people in who harbor hatred for this country.

We do not have hundreds of foreign nationals attempting or carrying out terrorist acts. We have people who live here who have been radicalized, but they have numbered fewer than 20 in the years since 9/11, not in the hundreds. We also don’t have thousands of people chasing all over the country; we have local FBI offices and local police forces who are on the lookout for people who might lean toward committing a terrorist act.

He’s also the guy who told George Stephanopoulos of ABC on This Week today that it was widely known in New Hampshire that hundreds of voters bused in every election from Massachusetts to commit fraud. The Republican party chair in New Hampshire called that claim nonsense and offered a $1000 bet if he was wrong.

Even in high school he was a bigot:

The president’s young adviser was a provocateur in his California high school, where he was hostile to Latinos and other minorities. Stephen Miller wrote in his high school yearbook: “There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country.”


“When I entered Santa Monica High School in ninth grade, I noticed a number of students lacked basic English skills. There are usually very few, if any, Hispanic students in my honors classes, despite the large number of Hispanic students that attend our school,” Miller wrote.


In that article, Miller also complained about his school’s celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the existence of a gay club and a visit by a Muslim leader.

Univision notes that it

requested an interview with Miller through several White House press officials, but received no reply. Subsequently, the White House rejected the veracity of this article and requested a rectification. But Univision has verified the credibility of the sources used in addition to Miller’s own writings. Univision again requested an interview with Miller to express his point of view, but did not receive a response.

From what I can tell this kid hasn’t an honest bone in his body. He’s a true believer and a zealot, and facts don’t mean much to him.