Muslim ban

If it weren’t so tragic for so many people this would be pathetically funny. Just read the details in this CNN tick-tock.

Administration officials weren’t immediately sure which countries’ citizens would be barred from entering the United States. The Department of Homeland Security was left making a legal analysis on the order after Trump signed it. A Border Patrol agent, confronted with arriving refugees, referred questions only to the President himself, according to court filings.


The policy team at the White House developed the executive order on refugees and visas, and largely avoided the traditional interagency process that would have allowed the Justice Department and homeland security agencies to provide operational guidance, according to numerous officials who spoke to CNN on Saturday.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Department of Homeland Security leadership saw the final details shortly before the order was finalized, government officials said.

Friday night, DHS arrived at the legal interpretation that the executive order restrictions applying to seven countries — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen — did not apply to people who with lawful permanent residence, generally referred to as green card holders.

The White House overruled that guidance overnight, according to officials familiar with the rollout. That order came from the President’s inner circle, led by Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon.

Great. Two amateur political advisors say “We have the authoriteh!” The legal aspects of this order are overridden and everybody within the White House is happy:

“It’s working out very nicely,” Trump told reporters. “You see it at the airports. You see it all over. It’s working out very nicely and we’re going to have a very, very strict ban, and we’re going to have extreme vetting, which we should have had in this country for many years.”

Meanwhile, at those airports, there are massive demonstrations demanding the ban be overturned or rescinded. I can imagine how Trump felt when he turned on the television this evening and saw all those people manifestly defying him.

I am very proud of my fellow Americans today.

Note: It was the ACLU which got a case in front of a federal judge today and persuaded her to put a stay on this; I joined that organization today and set up a monthly donation to it. If you can swing it, do the same. It’s going to need money to fight all the misbehavior of this Administration.


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