Apr 06

Blogging news

As long as Jon is creating Dodgers content at Dodger Thoughts, I see no reason to continue duplicating his efforts here. I’m not going to post new Game Threads or anything else unless Jon determines that he can’t keep up with the daily grind.

You have only to look at the lack of comments on Game Threads here to see why I’m not much inclined to keep them up. Everyone has rightfully gone back to Jon’s place, and I will too.

If Jon indicates he has to stop I’ll be here to pick up the slack.

Apr 02

Salary data

USA Today did all the work and published it in today’s edition (my hometown paper offers a cut-down edition of the paper with our regular paper and we get it). I’ve linked to it down there on the right-hand sidebar in the Non-Partisan Baseball Sites section. Have fun using it as a reference for bar bets.

Sep 24

Site news

I don’t know how many of you folks used the links in the sidebars at Dodger Thoughts. I confess I didn’t use very many of them very often. However, some of you may have been relying on Jon’s site to navigate through to other Dodger or general baseball sites, so I added them to the sidebar here. I cut some which haven’t been updated in six months or more, so if your favorite is gone, that’s why.

I left off the entire section Jon had called “Elsewhere in the world,” (see here), but if you’d like those added, just say so in the comments.

I also tried to click the little button in setup which says “open new window when this link is clicked” for all of those links, but I may have missed one. If you click a link and it opens in the same window as Elysian Fields, please leave me a comment telling me which link did that.