NLDS Games Three, 2021

Game One: Brewers at Braves, 10:07 AM PDT, TV: TBS

The Brewers hand the ball to RHP Freddie Peralta (10-5, 2.81 ERA). The Braves give theirs to RHP Ian Anderson (9-5, 3.58 ERA).

Game Two: Giants at Dodgers, 6:37 PM PDT, TV: TBS

LHP Alex Wood (10-4, 3.83 ERA) goes for the Giants, while RHP Max Scherzer (8-4, 2.76 ERA with the Dodgers, 15-4, 2.46 ERA overall) goes for the Dodgers.

Today in baseball history the Indians win their second World Series in 1948, Willie Davis of the Dodgers steals three bases in one game of the 1965 World Series, in 1975 George Carlin hosts the first Saturday Night Live and compares baseball to football,

and the Astros finally win a postseason series in 2004 after seven attempts in the previous 43 years. But wait, there’s more at the link!

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269 thoughts on “NLDS Games Three, 2021

  1. Doc agrees that both Gavin’s and CT3s hits seemed like Home Runs off the bat. That’s what made this game so frustrating and so exciting.

  2. Still alive. Gotta somehow get a win tonight. Offense needs to show up. I can’t believe all of our big guns have disappeared.

    • Last night was an anomaly. I was there, and we had several “crooked number” loud outs knocked down by the ridiculous wind (and one stifled by the dreaded Crawford’s amazing catch). Not like the first game – just crazy baseball bad luck. We hit the ball far better and more often than the Gnats. Let’s hope we can keep that up tonight with better results. But our team played really well last night.

  3. I’m predicting that Wade will fizzle out fast next season. Actually, he may have already begun to.

  4. I have to say watching this game live was a lot more pleasant than it would have been watching at home. My son, my husband, and 50,000 likeminded fanatics.

  5. The Giants had three hits, one walk and struck out 14 times . . . and won. You can’t ask for Scherzer to pitch much better. And the same is true for Wood and their relievers.

  6. In each of the games that we were shut out, we had five hits — a total of eight singles and two doubles.

  7. So, do we send out Bueller on short rest? You get Urias on full rest for game 5, and the Giants are real bad against lefties.

          • Phil Collins, the ghost of Phil Ochs or the Philharmonic? Which Philmarmonic would that be?

          • The Disney Hall has tremendous acoustics. Many years ago, while I was visiting L.A., I was the guest of my late mother, who loved the symphony and the opera, as did my late father. My mother and I sat far away, and the sound was still magnificent. I hope that you have a great evening, and that you learn when you exit that the Dodgers have won the series in five games.

          • This is one of my favorite songs of all times: the lyrics and Gogi Grant’s mellifluous voice. It brings back many memories of my youth.

          • I probably go to 20 concerts in disney a season. I am only going this Thursday instead of the weekend because I have the opera on Saturday.

          • Oh, I think you have my music mixed up. The Phil on Thursday will end around 10. I may know the good news at intermission, although not if it is an endless game like this one.

          • Yes, I did get the dates mixed up. But it is nice to know that you are such a symphony and opera fan.

          • When I was 11 or 12, my mother took me to see Aida at the old Biltmore. I think we sat in the third balcony — my parents didn’t have much money. Had there been an elephant on stage, it would likely have looked like a mouse. Decades later, I took my mother and her late sister to see Aida and we all sat in the orchestra. It was a special evening.

          • For an opera addict like me, and I come from a long line of them, what we love most about Aida is the Nile scene in act III, especially O Patria Mia. LA is doing it in the spring.

          • I will do my best to pay a visit and see it….When I was growing up in L.A., my mother always had the New York Metropolitan Opera on the radio on Saturdays while she was ironing clothes in the kitchen. I liked to listen to Milton Cross do the opera quiz between two of the acts and see how many questions mother could answer correctly.

          • We moved from Brooklyn to East L.A. when I was 7. The Dodgers followed three years later. We moved to the Westside that same year.

  8. Does somewhat boggle the mind that a 106 win team could fail to score in 2 of 3 games here.

    • Well, it favors a lefty if they pull the ball. Center field is where hard hit balls go to die.

  9. Very painful game to watch. But we still have two more innings. I feel that something will come our way,

  10. Souza almost failed to see the repeat and was heading into the third section of the march too soon. Nice recovery.

  11. Must be all that steroids making the Giants so flexible and smooth on defence. How else would you explain it?

  12. With the 3 deep balls last inning, I would think that the leash on Max is quite short this inning.

  13. Okay, I’m just going to try and enjoy the fact that we are here playing in October and I am here to enjoy it.

  14. With the wind going left to right, this would seem to be a good time for Bellinger to hit one to right.

  15. Coming into the game, I think if we were told that Max woudl give up only 1 run in the first 6 innings, we would all expect that we would be ahead at that point.

  16. I don’t understand why Scherzer doesn’t just square up to bunt. All that waggling doesn’t fool anyone and I think it actually throws off his timing and makes the pitcher more relaxed.

  17. just saw a video of Mookie popping out to end the 3rd, Albert looked like he was limping as he came off (could be just 40 year old movement)

    • There have been a couple of loud foul balls down the lines, but in general Dodgers havent stung the ball at all tonight.

  18. Scary how hard it is to catch a pitch when a catcher thinks an off speed pitch is coming and instead it is a fastball.

  19. Zeros continue to be put up. All is well. If the Dodgers score an early run or 3 I think this one will cascade soon thereafter.

  20. I swear the wind has totally died down now that Wood is pitching. His pants have nary a ripple.

  21. Scherzer was looking around for umps to check his cap/glove as he walked off the mound!

  22. Joc thus far in the first three games of the Braves-Brewers series: 1.000/1.000/4.000/5.000. 3 ABs, 2 runs, 3 hits, 2 homers, 4 RBIs, all as a pinch-hitter.