Game 98, 2021

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: NBCS BA, SPNLA

In a battle of 10-game winners the Giants send RHP Anthony DeSclafani (10-4, 2.78 ERA) to the mound to face the Dodgers’ RHP Walker Buehler (10-1, 2.37 ERA).

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1913 In a game against the Superbas (Dodgers), Slim Sallee becomes the first pitcher in Cardinal history to steal home. In the third inning, the Redbird southpaw scores the first run in St. Louis’s 3-1 victory over Brooklyn at Ebbets Field.
  • 1966 The Mets left fielder learns he is a new dad when the Dodger Stadium scoreboard relays the message, “Congratulations, Ron Swoboda. Your new son is born tomorrow morning”. Cecilia Swoboda gave birth to Chipper, the couple’s first child, at 1:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time, making it the next day on the West Coast.
  • 2005 Yhency Brazoban records his 18th save when he works a perfect ninth inning as the Dodgers beat the Mets, 6-5. The Los Angeles freshman, who is filling in for injured closer Eric Gagne, breaks Steve Howe’s club rookie record for saves established in 1980.

Lineup when available.

185 thoughts on “Game 98, 2021

  1. Wonder how big a gap there will be between these 2 teams when they meet in San Fran? The Giants play the Pirates next…

  2. Jansen should not be used to close one run games. Sucks in extra innings also.

    KJ has had 25 Save Opportunities:

    One run games – 13 – 9 saves and 4 blown saves
    Two run games – 8 – 8 saves
    Three run games – 4 – 4 saves
    Of his 21 saves, 12 have come with a 2 or 3 run lead, and 9 with a one run lead.

    In addition, KJ has two extra inning losses where he has entered with the game tied. He entered a third game tied and pitched the 9th. Max Muncy hit a walk off 3-run HR against AZ to win the game.

    His W-L record is 1-3.

    • Good stuff. Thanks for sharing it.
      Any idea how he has fared in non-save situations?

      • Thanks. Not sure how he does in Non Save scenarios. He has finished 29 games total. Minus the 25 save opportunities leaves 4 games that were evidently not save situations. With a W-L record of 1-3 I am assuming not very good.

      • If a closer is being used in a non-save situation, it’s likely because his manager doesn’t want him to get more rusty. In such a scenario, perhaps a pitcher uses it to try some more things out and, as you have indicated, perhaps with less intensity. Guessing that Kenley is not unique in this regard.

    • A better point of analysis might be his rustiness when he hasn’t pitched for many days – as was the case in these last two outings.

      • He pitched on the 11th, 18th, and 21st. May have been rusty on the 18th. Not so much on the 21st.

  3. MLB really has to do something about the umpiring. It has become a total farce.

      • Yes they are. I don’t ever recall it being this bad. How can they be so inept? Do they not train these guys or what?

  4. Doc needs to think outside of the box. But Roberts and robot both begin with the same three letters.

    • Bringing in Kenley after 27 pitches the night before was actually outside the box as decisions go.

        • Treinen threw only 9 pitches last night and just 7 tonight. He had a much fresher arm than Jansen.

      • Yes, but I mean bringing Kenley in at all, and not letting Treinen go into the 9th.

        • Ha! You are the ump, so I guess you get to call what is inside and outside the “box”. Not bringing in Kenley and staying with Blake seems squarely in the box to me.

          • I think that is what was dictated by the numbers (those being the number of pitches thrown by Kenley the night before) and how I would have approached it. But Doc wanted to show his support for Kenley, particularly after last night’s booing. Almost got away with it.

          • I admire Roberts’s backing of his players and trying to allow them to rebuild their confidence, but, as you said, it didn’t work tonight. I wonder what the last two nights will do to Jansen’s psyche.

    • Can’t blame Kenley for everything. The Ump call was atrocious according to my husband who had eyes.

      • I’m blaming Roberts. Kenley should not have been in this game. It was an idiotic move.

          • Yeah, it was a gut call by Doc to support his closer, but I thought he wouldn’t be tempted because of the 27 pitches the night before. Almost got away with it. Darn baseball.

  5. Neuse wearing some goat horns right now. Trying to turn it around here.

  6. After last night’s strike three called for a ball four rbi and the going around not called a strike to end the inning and give us a the win I am NOT a fan of umpires. I’m traveling and had to hear that agonizing inning from my husband because I couldn’t look. So sorry about this whole fiasco.

  7. What an incredible disaster . . . for the second night in a row. Reminiscent of Niedenfuer in the 1985 playoffs vs. the Cardinals.

  8. With two out in the ninth at Fenway, Quique hits a two-run double to tie the Yanquis.

  9. If you think Belli’s got problems, Mariners’ consensus top prospect Kelenic is hitting .106 in 104 ABs.

  10. It’s nice having Buehler on our side. He is actually a pretty fair pitcher.

  11. I feel like I’m rubbernecking a traffic accident when watching Belli bat. It’s morbid curiosity how low his hitting will go until he comes back to life.

  12. SS Chris
    2B Max
    3b Justin
    C Will
    1B Matt
    CF Cody
    LF AJ
    RF Bill as in McKinney
    P Walker