Game 78, 2021

Cubs at Dodgers, 4:00 PM PDT, TV: ESPN

The visitors send RHP Adbert Alzolay (4-6, 4.19 ERA) to the hill to face the Dodgers’ LHP Clayton Kershaw (8-7, 3.43 ERA).

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1980 Dodger southpaw Jerry Reuss, facing only 28 batters, no-hits the Giants at Candlestick Park, 8-0. Shortstop Bill Russell’s errant throw on Jack Clark’s grounder with two outs in the first inning deprives the 31 year-old left-hander from tossing a perfect game.
  • 2011 Citing MLB’s refusal to sign off on a transaction that would provide the team with $385 million, the Dodgers file for bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court. Although there will be no disruption to the day-to-day status of the franchise, the Chapter 11 financing permits the Dodgers to use $150 million for daily operations and gives owner Frank McCourt time to seek a media deal that will ensure the club’s long-term financial stability.


69 thoughts on “Game 78, 2021

  1. Thanks to ESPN, I won’t even be able to see a replay until hours after the game is over.

  2. I just realized that this is the first of three consecutive blackout days. Thanks, ESPN and #SFGnats!

    That said, I’ll repost Jon’s perspective on the division race/

      • On the Monterey Peninsula I can watch the Giants-Dodgers games on the local channel from San Francisco. Do you know why you can’t?

          • OK. So does that mean you don’t have access to any of the Bay Area stations? What TV service do you have and what does it provide and cost?

          • We get stations over the air, via antenna, but almost all the Gnatgames (and all the A’s games) are cable-only. For the post-season last year I used Sling TV, which was reasonably priced for a month.

  3. Kersh at 89 pitches. I think I would pull him with a 6 run lead and save the extra wear and tear.

  4. Keep thinking about the first game of the series when the Dodgers didn’t get a hit – but 8 walks. If those 8 walks were consecutive (and everything else remained the same), the Dodgers would have won 5-4.

  5. The Gnats have lost, but the Pads are staging a comeback v. the Snakes, now tied 4-4 in the seventh.

  6. The Dodgers’ winning percentage is now .597. Since coming to L.A. in 1958, they have had only eight seasons with a higher winning percentage. This includes last year’s .717 (43-17.)

  7. The A’s lead the Giants 6-0 after 6 1/2. The Padres lead the Diamondbacks 2-1 in the bottom of the 5th.