Game 51, 2021

Giants at Dodgers, 4:10 PM PDT, TV: NBCS BA, SPNLA

RHP Anthony DeSclafani (4-2, 3.54 ERA) goes for the Giants and RHP Walker Buehler (3-0, 2.78 ERA) takes the hill for the Dodgers. The Dodgers battered DeSclafani on Sunday; they got 10 runs in just 2 2/3 innings against him.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1957 Walter O’Malley and Horace Stoneham are given permission by the National League to negotiate deals with cities on the West Coast, with the proviso that the future location of their respective clubs, the Dodgers and the Giants, be known by October 1. The Brooklyn and New York owners both deny there is any significance to the unanimous vote other than being given an opportunity to explore all the available options for their possible relocation of their clubs.
  • 1969 The day after he becomes a father, Randy Hundley hits a grand slam and a double, driving in five runs in Chicago’s 9-8 victory over San Francisco at Candlestick Park. The eight-pound, four-ounce baby boy named Todd will follow in his dad’s footsteps, becoming a major league catcher, receiving for the Mets, Dodgers, and the Cubs.
  • 1989 With runners on second and third, no outs, and the Mets and Dodgers tied at 3-3 in the 12th inning, home plate umpire Bob Davidson calls a balk against Roger McDowell which scores the winning run in the Chavez Ravine contest. Dave Anderson is waved home when the New York reliever fails to pause and make a discernible stop.
  • 2001 In an 11-inning slugfest with Colorado, LA catcher Paul Lo Duca goes 6-for-6 in the team’s 11-10 victory at Dodger Stadium. The backstop’s five singles and a three-run homer tie a National League record for hits in an extra-inning game.
  • 2011 The game between Los Angeles and Florida continues as fans in a section of the upper deck seats at Dodger Stadium are evacuated due to a small fire in a nearby storage area. With plumes of smoke visible coming from the top level of the ballpark on the first base side, the crowd is informed by the public address announcer that it will not be necessary to evacuate the entire stadium.

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307 thoughts on “Game 51, 2021

  1. At Orange Juiced Field, the Asterisks have just taken a 2-1 lead over the Pads in the fourth.

  2. Dodgers not so good in extra inning games this year. 1-7. If they were even 3-5, they’d be in 1st place.

    • Plus he wasn’t in right to catch that ball that Neuse couldn’t get to…

    • Lux. 8 LOB. Actually it is on Doc for using Kenley on consecutive nights. JMO

  3. Did anyone else with eyes think Neuse could have caught that double if he’d taken a better route?

  4. That was a miserable route from Neuse. We are pulling off an Astro inning here.

  5. Ok Albert. You are going to need to score. Maybe get a head start and starting running to third now… lol

  6. Kenley has never liked having a runner on second. Another reason to dislike this rule.

  7. That was like waking up Christmas morning and finding out the train set under the tree is not for you.

  8. And now Dodgers get the speedster Pujols to start on second base bottom 10th.

  9. Keep it at 5-2 please. Need me a Lux inside the park grand slam walk off HR to win it in the bottom of the ninth.

    • I was called out to dinner, but I did see the replay that Greasylocks butchered another one. Generous official scorer has saved him another error.

  10. Pads have just tied it up on a dinger by Tatís, whose 14th now equals his error total.

  11. I keep thinking about that bizarro play with Cubs’ Báez yesterday. At what point is that no longer a force play? Is it still a force after the other runner scored? What I’m getting at is this. Would that run have been negated if the Pirates’ first baseman decided that instead of flipping the ball to the catcher, either simply tagged Báez or – even more crazy – raced from home back to first to tag the bag (which he obviously should have just done in the first place)?

  12. San Fran’s first lead over the Dodgers… this season. Thanks Joe Davis for that nugget.

  13. Since the departure of BadGums to Phoenix, Crawford is now the single most loathsome Gnat.

  14. Three hard hit outs. Very aggressive at the plate. Maybe everyone’s remembering the ten run game.

    • I’d like Mookie to get credit for a double, but it’s always nice when Greasylocks butchers one.

  15. Blacked out again tonight, watching Gameday and listening to Jaime. I may have questions.

  16. Good news on the IL front, with Belli and Mac due this weekend. Pollock and Burstsr to start rehab soon. Nelson to start throwing, as injury not as serious as first thought. Even Corey is doing running and such.