95 thoughts on “Game 42, 2021

  1. I’m getting too sleepy to Gameday. Dave, or somebody else, can you woo the hoo if necessary?

  2. For what it’s worth: The Giants didn’t have a batter in their starting lineup tonight in Cincinnati hitting over .241. The Dodgers have six.

  3. Turnbull completes the no-no in Seattle, despite walking leadoff hitter in ninth. 117 pitches.

    • Did you see the one Pillar took yesterday in Atlanta? Full frontal, will have plastic surgery on nose, miss two weeks.

  4. Orel’s saying Mookie crushed his dinger, which barely made it over Locastro’s glove.

  5. Hello.

    I am out of the hospital after three weeks. I start radiation therapy tomorrow. I hope my illness wasn’t what caused the horrible slump.

    • Very happy to hear that you have been released from the hospital. Wishing you all the best with the radiation therapy. We are not blaming you for that now forgotten dip in our W-L record. And we appreciate how you engaged your sister to pinch-hit for you and what she did.

    • Link it’s so good to hear you are out of the hospital. We have missed you muchly. Welcome back and welcome home.

  6. Ohtani led off the Angels’ first with his 14th homer. Cleveland leads 5-1 after one inning.

  7. Okay Mookie. Start it off strong tonight.
    I think he will have a big game.

  8. The Giants are leading the Reds, 3-1, after 3 1/2 innings. Castillo, Cincinnati’s pitcher, has struck out 10 Giants in his four innings of work.