132 thoughts on “Game 41, 2021

  1. The more famous Andrew Young, who did not bat tonight: Andrew Jackson Young Jr. is an American politician, diplomat, and activist. Beginning his career as a pastor, Young was an early leader in the civil rights movement, serving as executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and a close confidant to Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. I totally understand the situation here. But it seems like the Dodgers have more than enough times this year where pitchers have hit in late/tight situations.

    • It seems that it is usually famine (too often) or feast (infrequently) with our ability to score runs. But a win is a win.

        • We just can’t allow either the Giants or Padres to get too far ahead. Kind of like running a long distance race, we must stay within distance.

          • Gnot the Gnats, who’ll soon revert to the mean (but might still hold off the Snakes and Rox for third place). The Pads are a more serious opponent.

  3. Jansen played five seasons in the minors, primarily as a catcher, before he was converted to pitching. His career batting average in the minors was .229. He was 17 during his first season as a Dodger minor leaguer.

  4. How did I not know before that Jansen’s 74 was his house number? I must have heard it before but forgotten…

  5. I wonder if old players are happy to be on a new team so they can recycle their best stories.

  6. I guess the Dodgers had to have a team meeting today to let the new guys know all the celebratory signs.

    • Not that I want AZ to score even 1 run, but if it ends 2-1 it accomplishes 2 things.
      1. Pujols ends up with the winning RBI
      2. Dodgers improve their record in 1 run games.

  7. Doc gave up on an opportunity in order to have Walker face the bottom of the order? CT3 in that situation or even Barnes.

  8. Maybe it’s in Pujols new contract with LA that he goes into the HoF with a Dodger cap…

  9. Madison the batter questioning strikes is not very helpful to Madison the pitcher

  10. Hi all. Checking in. 1: what’s with the gnats gnever losing? 2: ditto the pads. 3: Bumgarner?!?!
    4: Pujols?!?! It’s upside-down world.

  11. Prior to tonight, Buehler had issued only three walks this season. He has walked four batters tonight.

  12. Prior should have talked to Buehler sooner. Whatever he said seemed to work.

  13. Quiet night here. But also even Joe and Orel seem quieter than usually tonight – longer pauses between stories and stats. (I don’t mind it.)

  14. A couple years ago, in San Jose, Peters homered twice in one inning off BadGums.

  15. If Bumgarner pitched on Thursday instead of tonight, I might not have been clear on when the AZ series ended and the SF series began…
    Still not used to him on the Diamondbacks.

  16. Dodgers lineup tonight vs. left-handed pitching this season:

    Betts, .212, 7-33
    Turner, .273, 12-44
    Muncy, .222, 8-36
    Pujols (with Angels), .259, 7-27
    Smith, .175, 7-40
    Neuse, .077, 2-26
    Lux, .125, 3-24
    Peters, .111, 2-9
    Buehler, .200, 1-5

    Missing from starting lineup:

    Taylor, .361, 13-36
    McKinstry, .333, 8-24
    Seager, .296, 16-54

    As a team the Dodgers are hitting .217 vs. lefties, third lowest in the National League.

  17. Tonight we have the “pleasure” of watching the most loathsome player in all of MLB.

  18. So we are now blessed with receiving just a small touch of The Cardinal Way! I for one certainly feel a little more sanctimonious tonight.