96 thoughts on “Game 38, 2021

  1. Near the start of all this recent nonsense, the Dodgers blew a 7-1 lead in the 7th inning to San Diego. Maybe tonight can act as some sort of bookend to close off the losing skid.

    • Good observation. Now let’s get even closer to first as starting tomorrow we are at home with three vs. the Marlins and four vs. the Diamondbacks. I’d like to see us do no worse than 5-2.

        • I love your photo of Koufax and Drysdale — two of my heroes while I was growing up.

          • Mine also. When I was in Little League. I liked Mickey Mantle too. I think every kid did. Didn’t matter that he was a Yankee.

  2. For the late comers, I linked a BBC article about Bauer below. Foudn it to be quite interesting.

  3. The Fish ate the Snakes tonight, so the Dodgers will gain a game on Phoenix.

    • Are the Dodgers back? It feels like they are back. Or at least on the road back to normalcy.

  4. Is this our weekly 15 run game? Does the drought commence tomorrow then?

      • Packing to fly to Denver tomorrow. My sister’s birthday – haven’t seen her in 17 months. But I’ve been watching!

        • I love the Front Range. I have a cousin in Denver, really enjoy Boulder and vicinity.

          • We are heading to Steamboat Springs for a few days as well. Great hiking there. I am very excited.

          • Haven’t been there for a long time, but I like it a lot. Once recruited in a softball tournament by a team from Wyoming that was a player short. Could be a little early for hiking, though.

    • I hate those bounce throws. They take longer than one that arrives straight in the air.

    • It helps bring hope that they are coming out of their dreadful 3 weeks of play.

  5. It’s almost always a good sign when a pitchers pitch count is basically 10x the inning number they are in. Let’s go Julio.

  6. First trip through the lineup and Mariners show no ability to handle Urias so far.

  7. The Pads have split with the Rox, so Dodgers can gain half a game on both them and the Gnats by winning tonight.

    • Dang. I was not expecting that being the reason. Going to have a stacked team… next year.