173 thoughts on “Game 37, 2021

  1. Hung one to Haniger so he gave it a ride and deposited it in the hanger.

  2. Last time I looked, the Dodgers led the league in having runners at 3rd, but were close in last in getting them home percentage-wise.

    • That might be a bit problematic. Until it isn’t. Because it’s good to have runners on third.

      • Make that with less than two outs. They have had 100 runners and 36% have scored. League average is 68, 48%

    • They also lead the league with runner of 2nd and no outs with 66 of which 41% have advanced. League average is 51, 50%.

  3. Some overlap, but Dodgers 4-10 in 1 run games and 1-6 in extra innings.

  4. Some overlap, but Dodgers 4-10 in 1 run games and 1-6 in extra innings.

  5. Past the witching hour here on the East Coast. Passing it over to you guys to bring it home.

  6. I thought there was a balk for half a second and the ump was signalling the runner to score.

    • First that horrible call and then the power went out for a moment and our internet had to reboot and I missed all the fun. Sheesh! Mama not happy.

  7. Making their pitcher look amazing. We are terrible against cutters and sliders.and change ups. And fast balls, come to think of it.

  8. Seager is not exactly inspiring complete confidence in terms of his throws.

  9. Swinging at pitches in the dirt is an excellent way to look lost and lifeless.

  10. I wonder when I will get used to Kirsten instead of Alanna? Not yet is the current answer…

  11. I would be fine with double followed by single. The cycle in 4 batters!

  12. Buehler has lost it. I imagine it is tough on Dodger pitchers feeling they have to pitch perfectly – except once a week when the hitters get 15 runs.

    • They got a hold of a couple of his pitches. Why do you think he has lost it, or do you mean the game cuz we can’t score?

      • I more meant in the context of how strong he looked in the previous innings (I didn’t see the first inning so can’t comment on it). But your answer 2 is legit as well.

  13. Buehler has 11 swinging strikes – but none from the opposing pitcher there! Lol

  14. This may be an ignorant comment, but why can’t the runner on second advance to third on that fly ball to right field?

  15. I thought Muncy walked a lot. Then I heard that Grandal walked 13 times in 4 games recently!

      • I saw the score pop up on my phone I found myself wondering whether or not I wanted to watch the game tonight. The alternative is to watch a Wes Anderson movie…

    • The way Blue has been playing, not sure how many woudl pay for it these days.

      • I have a subscription, so I’ve already paid (technically, though, it’s free through my mobile provider).