153 thoughts on “Game 33, 2021

  1. You have no idea how much pleasure it gives me to see Fletcher butcher a grounder.

    • I welcome that suggestion. We need to shake this team up in more than one way.

  2. Just finished watching “Call to Spy? and tuned in to the game. Blowing a 13 – 0 lead?

  3. Kershaw is going to win a lot of arguments with Roberts now about staying in the game longer.

  4. I wanna see him do what he did in San Jose – two dingers in one inning off BadGums.

  5. The first three innings took 30 minutes. The middle three feels like 3 hours.

  6. Santana has had some good moments in extra inning pitching. But struggling with a 13 run lead is so frustrating.

  7. I hate leadoff walks to the other team. Seem to almost always come back to bite you..

  8. Well so far this is a welcome relief from the pucker factor meter (sphinctograph) being maxed out.

  9. I hope this is Mookie breaking the slump. As well as the rest of the crew.

  10. I’ve always wondered about one player making all 3 outs in an inning. Joe Davis said never in MLB, but in independent league one player did it.

  11. The Dodgers have a shortstop named Seager
    At the plate he is often too eager
    And when a grounder comes his way
    He often seems a statue of clay
    Raising doubts about his ability as a big leaguer

  12. The Dodgers are on a 4-14 “streak,” a winning percentage of .222. The lowest single-season winning percentage in modern MLB history (starting with 1900) was .235, the Philadelphia Athletics of 1916 (36-117).
    The Dodgers started the season at 13-2, a winning percentage of .867. The highest single-season winning percentage in modern MLB history was .763, the Chicago Cubs (116-36).
    The Dodgers, at 17-16, are on pace to go 83-79.

  13. Fernando Tatís has 8 HRs. He just committed his 11th error of the season.

    • Many shortstops have had more errors than home runs, but very few, I think, who are considered HR threats.