182 thoughts on “Game 32, 2021

  1. Closer to 4th place than 1st place. Need to snap out of this funk soon.

  2. So this game is a crier, as opposed to a laugher. At least there is no tension.

  3. I’ll be in Denver for a week starting next Thursday. I’m looking forward to the break from our collapse.

    • Maybe you should stop loathing opposing players. Each one you loath seems to bring some extra hurt to the Dodgers lately.

        • Haha. That’s seems strangely close to cheering for a different team. It’s like being a spy I guess.

  4. I have had so little sleep this week and I’m hanging onto to see the end of this game like it matters.

    I might need to re-examine my life…

  5. “The longer this slump goes, the closer it is to being over.”
    Either me or Yogi Bera.

  6. I wonder if a week from now this losing slump will be over and done?

    It seems strange to think at some point it will actually be over.

    Probably be over.

  7. The 4 hours of sleep last night are making it hard to keep my eyes open.

    Well, either lack of sleep or the Dodgers tepid play.

    Probably both.

  8. I couldn’t stay away from you all. Just watched the fourth episode of “Atlantic Crossing.” Excellent drama. I see that this game is going the way of so many others, but at least this defeat won’t be wrapped in agony. I expect that Roberts will say afterwards, “We have to play better,” and that one or more of the Dodgers will say the same thing or “This is not us.”

    • The Dodgers are playing very poorly, but barely trail two teams that are playing way over their heads.

        • Maybe, maybe not, but they’re barely ahead of a Dodger team that’s struggling more than any year in recent memory.

  9. What’s so weird is how almost universally weak we look top to bottom. Except AJ. Who is now hurt.

    • The Angles are capable of it but, after this inning, I’m gonna take the dog around the block.

  10. Might as well get Kelly some work in a game we were going to lose anyway.

  11. I’m glad the Dodgers are not playing a team with both Fletcher and Duffy on it.

    • You are a future person for me tonight. I’m watching game through Extra Innings.

  12. Baseball always looks so easy when the Dodgers play.

    Last year the Dodgers made it look easy, right now which ever team the Dodgers are playing does.

    • But of course it turned out to be no problem at all for the Angels.

  13. Between MLB.tv crashing and the Dodgers crashing tonight’s game is almost unwatchable.

  14. We’ve gotten our 1 run and 2 hits. I’m taking the rest of the night off to watch “Atlantic Crossing” with my wife on PBS Masterpiece. Catch up with you all tomorrow.

  15. That had a high probability of being a strike. But Turner strikes out anyways.

  16. The good news is that the Angel pitching can give up runs in bunches as well.

  17. I think that the Dodgers want to get to 17-17 and then start the season over.

    • It has been outrageous, and I’m someone inclined to give umpires benefit of the doubt.

      • I am as well. But so many calls have been egregious I feel I have to keep commenting.

    • They are making it really easy for MLB to adopt the electronic strike zone.

  18. Two strike in the edges called balls. And then, guess what? Hammered and out.

  19. Recalling when Upton and Kemp were the up and coming outfielders in the West.

  20. Argh. Just posted on next game. I was complaining about Muncy’s awful at bat.

    • My father, who was born in Brooklyn in 1916 and was a lifelong fan of the Dodgers, took me to that game, pulling me out of school because he knew its significance.
      It was the largest crowd for an MLB game to that point, 93,103. That mark was broken in 2008, the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers’ arrival, when the Dodgers and Red Sox played an exhibition game at the Coliseum that drew 115,300. How committed were the Dodgers to playing the benefit game for Campanella? They had played a day game in Milwaukee the day before, a day game in San Francisco the afternoon of the Campy game, flew south for the night game fund-raiser and returned to San Francisco for a night game the next day. Hat’s off to Walter O’Malley for that.