271 thoughts on “Game 31, 2021

      • He wasn’t going to be happy riding the bench and made that very clear to the team. He still has $30 million coming to him for this year, plus a ten year personal service contract with the team for $10 million.

      • He had a tantrum, and he wastes a roster spot. That said, it’s not his fault the Angles offered him one of the worst contracts ever.

  1. Mound visit: “Make sure to throw him something to hit. Center cut, ideally.”

  2. To brighten your early afternoon, the Gnats have lost to the Rox again, and the Fish are swallowing the Snakes in Miami. Pads play Pirates later.

  3. Yesterday’s bright side: Pads lost to Pirates, and the Gnatpen blew Game 2 big time –
    with two out in the bottom of the seventh, six runs including a walkoff HR
    by Blackmon.

  4. The worst part is these games are exhausting, with nothing to show for them but the exhaustion.

  5. If nobody’s hitting and the defense is porous and the bullpen pitching is inconsistent and and and…. you’re gonna lose a lot of games.

  6. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, three times, four times, five times…
    I keep thinking the Dodgers are actually going to win.

  7. I can’t believe the Dodgers have 15 losses already. They only had 17 last year in 60 games.

  8. Hey Dodgers – if you win, I promise to use an exclamation mark! Sound good RBI?

  9. Might Rizzo thought Baez would throw it back to him instead of tagging the runner.

    • Reminds me of Bob Eucker on Carson. He said his kids had a poem for when he came home from playing in a game:

      Another day,
      Another dollar,
      0 for 5,
      Drew the collar.

  10. Yippee – extra innings again! What a great time to have a short bench…

  11. That strike two swing by Neuse is all you need to know about our team right now.

    • Ha! I was thinking I could swing like that. But even if I started early – I would still probably be late.

  12. I can’t believe the Dodgers are 2 outs away from me wanting more extra-inning baseball. While they are still batting, can I say I really don’t want extra-innings?

  13. Never really understood the booing when opposing pitchers throw over to first.

  14. No idea what the team HBP record is, but the last full season the Mets had 95. The Dodgers are averaging about one per game at this point.

  15. I havent been here for most of this slump. Too much piano time. I apologize if we start winning with my return.

  16. Needed to bat Beaty ahead of CT3 there. Would have been another run across.

      • Pulling a ball on the ground with runners at second and third, less than two out.

          • Worst possible place to hit it. Gotta elevate the ball or go oppo in that situation.

          • He is a pull hitter who always tries to elevate. Not sure you want him to change his approach in that situation. Didn’t work out.

          • He lined a single to right in his previous AB, and he’s gone deep in that direction.

          • Meh. There are ducks on the pond that he needs to get in. You are suggesting that he needs to change his approach so that he might get a productive out?

  17. He didnt do home games last week. And they are doing all the radio calls from Dodger stadium regardless.

  18. Sidles on in. Another Tim game on radio. IS Charley ill? One hopes not.

    • Steiner doesn’t do road games, but he should do everyone a favor and just retire.

  19. Hope they aren’t bringing in their version of last night Blake Trienen.

  20. RBI – I will add in my congrats on your new film. Not the first time you have worked with Peter Chelsom if I’m not mistaken. He was also the director of Hector and the Search for Happiness right?

  21. NBC Sports Boston reports Manny Ramirez wants Mets hitting coach job.

  22. Joc seemed like he was beginning to dial in to Walker in that at bat. Settled for a grounder into the shift.

  23. Missed seeing Joc yesterday. Not used to seeing him in his baby bear outfit.

  24. The no-hitter I always thought about finally happened today. Orioles’ Means allowed his only base runner on a missed catch strikeout.

    • And then the runner got thrown out stealing. He faced the minimum 27 batters in an imperfect game.