159 thoughts on “Game 30, 2021

  1. On the bright side, the Pads lost and the Gnatpen blew Game 2 big time – with two out in the bottom of the seventh, six runs including a walkoff by Blackmon.

  2. Can the Dodgers please wrap it up here, so I can relax the rest of the evening?

  3. Hi all!
    What a wonderful way this year started and an equally dismal place the Blue are in now (and dragging us into that black hole).
    Prayers for Link.
    I came on to say that last year, LA found ways to win. This year they are finding ways to lose.
    Stay safe and well!

  4. Hi all. Link wanted me to pass along his home address: 98-933 Kahapili St
    Aiea Hi 96701

    And also here is where he is for now: Home address (please pass along)
    98-933 Kahapili St
    Aiea Hi 96701

    I am at Tripler Army Medical Center Ward 6B1 Rm 104A
    Jarret White Road, Honolulu Hi

    Should you decide to send along well-wishes.

    Puts baseball into
    perspective for me.

  5. Just back from dinner with friends. I see that I motivated Muncy. Which Dodger should next be a victim of my dismay?

  6. All of the dumb changes – this one is at the top of my list – 8th inning but it’s “extra innings”.

  7. It’s kinda crazy that the Cubs could win this series after only 13 innings played.

  8. Dodgers should really work on lucky hits in batting practice so that they can be game ready. (Sarcasim)

  9. From Dodgerblue–Dodgers Open To Trevor Bauer Potentially Starting Every 4 Days

  10. Checking in briefly. I’m helping to run an online conference this week and so I have some long days. (A lot of the participants are from British Columbia and so we are running sessions more in line with their time zone – so late night…)

    I am trying to flip my Dodger switch from “why is the best team in baseball struggling so much” (frustration) to trying to find fun enjoyable things about this years team (appreciation). But it’s not always easy!

    • Or as the editors of National Lampoon (all of them Canadians) used to call it, “British Bolivia.”

  11. When was the last time – I mean besides the blow out – that we opened an inning with an extra base hit?

    • Once the minor league season opens, it should not be out of the realm of thought to send Muncy to AAA for a tuneup. This has been done before with other players. All of his cylinders are not working.

      • I’m not sure whether he has enough seniority to refuse a minor league assignment.

  12. Huáscar Ynoa of the Barves just hit a slam. He’s their starting pitcher.

    • For those who don’t know much about Larry Burright, in 1962 . . . (oh, never mind).

  13. A win would be welcome. The Giants scored 10 in the first in Colorado and lead 10-4 in the 6th inning of the first game of their DH.

  14. Why didn’t Roberts start Ruiz in this game? The pitcher is a righty. Ruiz is our only catcher who bats left. He just homered. Doesn’t Doc ever believe in playing the hot hand?