76 thoughts on “Game 29, 2021

  1. Unless we have a miraculous 7th inning, we’ve reverted to the pre-16 run game motif.

  2. Hendricks entered this game with an ERA well north of 7. I will have to be more patient.

  3. Ran across this: under the category that this was both really bad and that we are spoiled, the Thurs/Friday games against the Crew when we only scored one run each game was the first time we have scored one or fewer runs in consecutive games since Aug 3-4…2018.

  4. So the players will have about 3 hours to digest this game and the between games meals.

  5. Was Kershaw pulled because of ineffectiveness, too many pitches, or an injury?

      • Thank you. I thought they might want him to start the second game of the DH. Don Newcombe did that at least once.

  6. Muncy now 2-for-36 including 16Ks. He’s also walked 14 times in that span.

    • And BABIP of around .111, so not getting much either when he connects.

  7. Should been out three. Let’s see if Santana can overcome the error on Lux.

  8. On Gameday…so no mention of injury? If not, Klayton may be being pulled to start again soon on less rest instead of a pen game.

  9. Remember, this is only a 7-inning game, so we need to get going quickly.

  10. Before this game disappears, I want to say it was great of Link to post a new string of games for us to comment on. I emailed him but I haven’t heard back.

  11. Also, why were Mookie and Seager so impatient? What happened to our professional at-bats?

    • Mookie isn’t Mookie these days. Seager almost always swings at the first pitch.

      • That is true. Has hurt us quite a bit. I’d love someone to check out the numbers on this issue.

        • There is a site that measures at least the direct impact of missed calls in terms of plus/minus runs. Here we are talking about the indirect impact over time.