Game Seven, 2021

Dodgers at Athletics, 12:37 PDT, TV: MLBN (out-of-market only), NBCSCA, SPNLA

RHP Trevor Bauer (1-0, 5.68 ERA) pitches for the Dodgers and LHP Jésus Luzardo (0-1, 9.00 ERA) goes for the As. Bauer was sailing along with a no-hitter into the seventh in his first start when the wheels came off the wagon a little; he gave up four runs in that inning. Nonetheless he struck out 10 in 6 1/3 in his Dodger debut. Luzardo struck out 8 and walked none in his first start, but he gave up two HRs and five runs overall in five innings and took the loss.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1969 After throwing just two pitches to start the season, Don Drysdale finds himself and his team trailing by two runs when Pete Rose and Bobby Tolan hit back-to-back homers. The 32 year-old right-hander settles down, and the Dodgers come back to win the Crosley Field contest, 3-2.
  • 1969 Bill Singer becomes the first major league reliever to officially record a save, a new stat which will be kept starting this season, in the Dodgers’ 3-2 win over Cincinnati in the season-opener at Crosley Field. The ‘Singer Throwing Machine’ does not allow a hit, hurling three scoreless innings en route to saving Don Drysdale’s victory.
  • 1977 Gary Thomasson starts the game by walloping the first pitch in the Dodgers’ opener for a home run off Don Sutton, who had apparently thrown a gopher ball. Unbeknownst to the Giants’ leadoff hitter, the ball was to be taken for a pitch and handed to the home plate umpire to be sent to Cooperstown.
  • 1977 Frank Sinatra keeps his promise to Tommy Lasorda by singing the Star-Spangled Banner on Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ had told the team’s new skipper he would perform the National Anthem if his friend ever became the L.A. manager.

  • 2012 Octavio Dotel, playing for his 13th team, breaks a major league record he previously shared with Mike Morgan, Matt Stairs, and Ron Villone. The 39 year-old Tiger reliever, who throws 1.1 scoreless innings against Boston, has also appeared with the Mets, Astros, A’s, Yankees, Royals, Braves, White Sox, Pirates, Dodgers, Rockies, Blue Jays, and Cardinals.

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91 thoughts on “Game Seven, 2021

  1. Tough loss. Dodgers didn’t hit with RISP and still should have won this game. A major bullpen failure. Unfortunately, Kenley is just a shell of the 2016 dominate closer. He and Roberts both needs to realize it.

  2. Well, it looks like the Dodgers need a closer. I would say wait awhile but I have read this book before. He had a clean inning to work with and couldn’t get it done.

    • Sad, but true. Perhaps Roberts was going to allow him to fail once, but I expect Roberts will still insist that he’s the club’s closer until he blows another save opportunity or two. The rest of the bullpen as a unit has also had its difficulties.

  3. The Giants beat the Padres, 3-2, in 10, scoring in the top half of the inning and blanking San Diego in the bottom. A reversal of our ending. The Dodgers open their first homestand Friday at 5-2 with a one-game lead over the Padres. I can’t complain.

  4. Ugh. Been listening in the radio as I move storage units. Kenley really didn’t have it today. Also, way too many LOBs.

  5. I did not realize the extra inning start a guy at second was still in effect. I highly despise this variation.

  6. With the Dodgers being 2 for 18 today with RISP, maybe they would be better off if the runner started at first instead of second.

  7. One almost gets the impression this is an audition. Roberts leaving him in just to see if he can right the ship.

  8. Jansen’s first blown save of the year. Will be interesting to see if that moves him to a different role.

  9. The three batter minimum must be excrutiating for Roberts when it looks like Kenley is off.

  10. This has extra innings written all over it. But moving quickly towards loss,

  11. Perhaps the extra day of rest with the off day tomorrow is figuring into all this.

  12. Through six innings in his first two starts, Bauer has allowed just one hit and has 18 strikeouts in 12 innings.

  13. Joc just crushed his first dinger at Wrigley, off the fearsome Devin Williams, to tie the game 1-1 in the eighth.

  14. Bauer not quite as sharp today. Lots of loud outs to go with the hit and walk.

  15. Eight of the nine batters in our lineup today are hitting at least .300. Seven of them are at .364 or higher. I love the early-season batting averages . . . when the team is hitting. The Dodgers, through six games, are hitting .327.

  16. On the Schadenfreude front, the Rox lit up BadGums for five earned in five innings at Coors, and he now has an ERA of 11. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  17. Leading off the 10th with Rios on second, Lux tried to pull an outside pitch on a 2-0 count and flied out to center. That AB was costly. He will learn.

  18. 2-for-21 with RISP? Have the Dodgers ever done worse than that? I doubt it.

      • Yes. Also, Beaty is nowhere to be seen. Based on how he has looked for the first week — and it is only a week — I was not surprised. I think we need another righty off the bench besides Barnes/Smith (although both started today) and Taylor (who will start plenty of games).

  19. 30+ pitches in the first inning for the opposing pitcher. Sounds about right.

  20. 30+ pitches in the first inning for the opposing pitcher. Sounds about right.

  21. Dodgers have such a solid group of hitters, I get excited whatever the lineup. Have both catchers batting? Sure why not!! Have Lux and Zac Mac hitting 8-9? That will be great for Mookie and Seager hitting 1-2!

    • Good strategy. But once we leave AL parks we will be batting our pitchers. I have come to like the idea of a universal DH, particularly as the Dodgers have so many good hitters. We have won five of six without much of a contribution from Belinger. If he continues to struggle — and I know that we are extremely early in the season — I wonder if he would adopt yet another batting stance.

      • Belli hasn’t looked good and not beyond him to monkey with his approach. Small numbers at this point, yet as Jon has pointed out, if Belli had gotten credit for the dinger, instead of his current OPS of .664 he would be at .812, which is about 30% better than league average.

      • I am similarly considering some of the benefits of the DH for the Dodgers.

  22. Dodgers have such a solid group of hitters, I get excited whatever the lineup. Have both catchers batting? Sure why not!! Have Lux and Zac Mac hitting 8-9? That will be great for Mookie and Seager hitting 1-2!