Hunkering down, again

With the incredible surge of the pandemic over the past week, I expect that many of the country’s governors will start issuing stay-at-home orders very soon. That being the case, then, while at home we can cook, watch movies and read books. Here are the twenty books in my library I’ve tagged as Dodgers-related. Authors include Jon Weisman, Red Barber, Molly Knight, Roger Kahn, Peter Golenbock, Ron Fairly, John Roseboro, Jane Leavy and Doris Kearns Goodwin. My baseball movies (on DVD) include Bull Durham, Fever Pitch and The Natural.

Anybody gonna read any baseball books or watch any movies?

50 thoughts on “Hunkering down, again

      • The argument is that Kershaw, Buehler and Price seem to get hurt at least once a season and that May and Gonsolin are still very young. Odorizzi would be insurance.

        • Hernandez will be looking for a very expensive, multi-year contract, which the Dodgers won’t and shouldn’t offer him. He wants to be a regular somewhere.

  1. I also want to wish all my dear friends south of the border a very Happy Thanksgiving! I truly have appreciated hanging out with you so many evenings over so many years…

    • Some background on how the Pirates got Clemente:
      I also have heard that after leaving the Dodgers to go the Pirates, Rickey had told O’Malley he wouldn’t pluck Clemente from the Dodgers, but that Rickey was no fan of O’Malley for how he had treated him. So he drafted Clemente.
      In the only game that I ever saw at Ebbets Field, the first game of a doubleheader on July 3, 1955, Clemente batted leadoff for the Pirates and went two-for-five. Both hits were triples. The Pirates won, 7-5. I still have the program, thanks to my late father. It cost a dime.

        • Our family was nine days away from making a cross-country move by car to L.A. My parents had countless things to do. My father had promised to take me to a game at Ebbets Field, and he fulfilled that promise, as he did every one he ever made to me, I was not disappointed that we didn’t stay for the second game, just simply delighted that I had seen Brooklyn play once.

    • I recall when it was demoted from planet status and Klayton was upset (there may have been a t-shirt).

  2. Highly recommended: A series on Netflix: “The Queen’s Gambit,” seven-parter streaming about a cheese prodigy. Excellent, even if you don’t play chess, which I used to.