World Series Game Two, 2020

Rays vs Dodgers, 5:00 PM PDT, TV: Fox

The visiting Rays send 2018 Cy Young winner LHP Blake Snell to the mound to face what’s expected to be a parade of Dodger relievers beginning with RHP Tony Gonsolin. Snell is 2-2 with a 3.20 ERA this postseason; he hasn’t gone past the fifth inning since the Rays’ Wild Card series against the Blue Jays. Gonsolin started and lost Game Two of the NLCS, giving up five runs on three hits in 4 1/3 innings. Entering in the second inning of Game Seven of that series in relief of Dustin May he went two innings, giving up two runs on two hits in a game the Dodgers subsequently won on Bellinger’s HR and Julio Urias’s brilliant three closing innings.

How was your day, Mookie Betts?

This day in Dodgers’ history:

  • 2009 In Game 5 of the NLCS, the Phillies defeat the Dodgers, capturing their second straight pennant. Philadelphia, with their 10-4 victory at Citizens Bank Park, becomes the first National League team to repeat the feat since the Braves won consecutive flags in 1995-96.




339 thoughts on “World Series Game Two, 2020

  1. The Devil Rays cannot match the Dodgers’ personnel, but they are opportunists. Can’t give them so many opportunities.

  2. I should have said, we looked tired, not asleep. But it’s remarkable how much Mookie getting on helps us as a team.

  3. How many times does a pitcher give up a hit after a strike is called a ball because the pitcher moves the next pitch further into the zone?

    • I know. I just couldn’t get too worked up about this loss. We looked tired, And they were really sharp, but we still almost came back. Now if we keep losing..?

  4. I was just thinking what a pleasure it was to watch Ki ke’ play defense. Then he has a fumble.

  5. In case you are wondering, I am watching on iPad (quite delayed) but listening on 570 radio ( a little ahead.) let me m know if you want me to hold off on comments.

  6. I didn’t understand starting Gonsolin, particularly on two days’ rest. I would have preferred Wood. Floro was awful yesterday, so, with 15 pitchers on the roster, why was he the first reliever today?

    • Relievers are not always awful once they are awful. Doc will use a lot of pitchers. Probably thought Floro because more likely to avoid the sac fly. Relatively low leverage situation, depending upon how the game progresses.

  7. Well, LATimes columnist Plaschke already has us winning this series after last night’s game, just as he had us eating up Atlanta after the first game of the NLCS.

  8. Buehler starts Game 3 on Friday. But who starts Game 4? Urias, I suppose, but he frequently has first-inning problems.

  9. IMHO, Doc used pinch-hitters tonight as if he had a seven-man bench, leaving us with Rios, Barnes (for Pederson) and Taylor in the 9th. He pulled Pollock out too early (6th inning) and Hernandez (7th) too early and used Gonsolin and May as if they were aces. You can get away with that kind of stuff when it’s one of 162 (or even 60) games, but not in a best-of-seven.

      • Absolutely. Hernandez is often late-inning magic. But it’s hard to do many tricks when you are no longer in the game.

    • You use your pinch hitters when you think they might make a difference during the game. In this game, the 6th and 7th innings were hardly early given the score. His aces are Walker, Klayton and Julio. He used May and Goose to set up that rotation over the next three games in what was always going to be a bullpen game. They performed well during the year, not so much in the playoffs. Not sure how all that classifies as “that kind of stuff”.

  10. Turner not likely to try and steal 3rd. Mookie yes. CT3 yes. Not JT I don’t think.

  11. I didn’t see anything special with Anderson but Turner was certainly over matched in that at bat. Anderson’s stats against righty bats indicate he is special.

  12. So why he is staying with May so long? Doc is reverting to familiar postseason pitching moves (or non-moves).

  13. So disappointing that Seager couldn’t catch the pop up and make a behind the back catch of his cap.

  14. So far this postseason – both Gonsolin and May have underperformed more than my expectations. And Urias has done better than I expected.