NLDS Games Two, 2019

The early game will be the Cardinals at Braves, 1:37 PM PDT, TV: TBS

This game features the hottest pitcher of the second half, the Cardinals’ RHP Jack Flaherty. He’ll face the Braves’ RHP Mike Foltynewicz. Flaherty made 15 starts in the second half and posted a 0.91 ERA for all of them. Foltynewicz struggled early, went to the minors, and came back up in the second half rejuvenated. He went 6-1 with a 2.65 ERA in his ten starts after August 5.

Cardinals lineup:

Braves lineup:

The late game will be Nationals at Dodgers, 6:37 PM PDT, TV: TBS

The Nats send RHP Stephen Strasburg to the mound to face the Dodgers’ LHP Clayton Kershaw. Strasburg threw only 34 pitches while dispatching the Brewers handily for three innings in the Wild Card Game Tuesday. Strasburg’s been in four postseason games in his career, going 2-2 with an 0.41 ERA over 22 innings. Kershaw has been in thirty postseason games with a 9-10 record and a 4.32 ERA over 152 innings.

Jon W. presents an updated edition of his Clayton Kershaw Postseason Chart, which recounts the pitcher’s exploits once the regular season is done.

Nationals lineup:

Dodgers lineup:

188 thoughts on “NLDS Games Two, 2019

  1. Well, if I had to miss one, I guess this was the one. It was a must-win for the Nats, but not for the Dodgers.

  2. Everything went wrong against all the best pitchers and they still almost won. One hit away.

  3. Hudson pitched to Smith like he was some kind of a rookie and Smith acted like a seasoned player

  4. Next up in the Washington pen in the 8th to face the Dodgers could be their Max.

  5. Thought they called him safe there for a moment. But it was Soto trying to call himself safe.

  6. Need to strand those runners. Kolarek in for Soto and then May to face Kendrick.

  7. If Beaty is sent home on Pops double and draws a throw and as a result Pops moves up to third, would the Dodgers have 2 runs?

  8. Just got home. The Dodgers didn’t need to wait for me to get started however.

  9. The Dodger bullpen has wasted an outstanding start a few times this year so it will feel fair when the Dodgers win this game against the Nat bullpen.

  10. A.J. Has had terrible at bats all series. Waiting for his killer post season instincts to kick in.

  11. Just tuned last inning. Stras looks awesome. Dodgers have to figure out a way to recognize the curve in time to not swing at non-strikes.

    At least Kersh shows plus plus defense on that bunt.

  12. Kershaw hit just two batters during the regular season, two in 2018 and none in 2017.

    • Looks like a great event. If you watched/are watching Burns’ series on Country Music, what did/do you think about it?

      • REK was pretty good, but the sound system was awful. The highlight was the Peruvian restaurant we went to before the show.

        I liked the Burns series very much – watched every episode, but not in order. Really liked the Hank Williams episode.

  13. Time to get the long man ready very quickly. Sorry, Clayton. He is throwing almost no curves.

  14. Kershaw has had some bad first innings this season and then settled down. Here’s hoping.

  15. I agree with RBI below. I loathe the Braves’ chant. Also, thinking strategically, I want the other three series to go the distance even as the Dodgers sweep, just so future opponents’ rotations are completely bollixed up.

  16. I’ve changed my mind. I would now prefer the Cardinals win this – so I don’t have to listen to that chop chant all October.