Game 129, 2019

Blue Jays at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: SNET, SPNLA

RHP Jacob Waguespack (4-1, 4.20 ERA) takes the mound for the Jays while RHP Kenta Maeda (8-8, 4.18 ERA) goes for the Dodgers. Waguespack has had a good run recently: only six earned runs allowed over four outings (21 innings). Maeda’s last start was strange: he gave up three runs in 1 2/3 innings, then seemed to right the ship (including a stretch of seven consecutive strikeouts) and then couldn’t get out of the fifth inning.

Here’s Muncy’s walkoff HR last night:

By the way, that was the fifth consecutive game in which he’s hit a home run.

On this day in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1917 In a 22-inning contest against the Dodgers, Pirates’ outfielder Carson Bigbee sets a major-league record with 11 at-bats. The game was also the fourth straight extra-inning game played by Pittsburgh (total of 59 innings), which sets a National League record.
  • 1965 Juan Marichal thinks Johnny Roseboro throws too close to his head returning the ball to Sandy Koufax and attacks the Dodger catcher with his bat. The Los Angeles backstop suffers cuts on the head during the 14-minute brawl.
  • 2000 Hitting a solo blast and a three-run round-tripper during a nine-run sixth inning of a 14-6 victory over the Expos, Dodger first baseman Eric Karros becomes the first player in the 111-year franchise history to hit two homers in an inning.

In 1886 Louisville’s Chicken Wolf hits a game-winning inside-the-park home run, thanks to a stray dog impeding Abner Powell from fielding the ball. The canine, who had been sleeping by the fence, refuses to let go of the pant leg of the Reds center fielder, who watches in dismay as the Colonel batter races around the bases in the team’s 5-4 loss at Eclipse Park.

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125 thoughts on “Game 129, 2019

  1. Friday Features – Following an eventful Thursday, Dodgers now lead Snakes by 20.5, Gnats by 21,5, Pads by 24.5 and Rox by 26.5. As illustrated below, the magic number is now Quique.

    For best in NL, Dodgers remain eight ahead of Barves. Thanks to results in Oaktown, they lead Yanquis by two for best in baseball, while the Minute Maids remain three behind. Projections give Dodgers 105.2 wins, Minute Maids 103.2, Yanquis 102.3.

  2. Netting being extended:

    When the Dodgers returned to L.A. for a six-game homestand beginning Tuesday, their existing netting, residing behind home plate and extending to the end of each dugout, had been raised from 25 to 33 feet. By the time the team returns for its next homestand on Sept. 2, the netting will be extended down each foul line to the point where the wall angles toward the outfield corners, an area that resides roughly between the edge of the infield dirt and the end of the outfield warning track.

    RBI, did you notice the height of the netting had been raised when you were there this week?

  3. Someone was asking earlier about blown saves and walk-off wins.

    The Dodgers have only had 3 blown saves:
    Urias, 8th inning but credited with the win in the 9th;
    Baez, 8th inning and Jansen got win in the 9th;
    and Jansen, 9th inning and Baez got win in the 10th.

    On the other side, the Dodger opponents have had 6 or 7 blown saves in Dodger walk-off wins.

  4. About that Raiders – Packers 80-yard field: apparently that wasn’t the only thing screwed up. They (not sure who “they” are — the Raiders, the Packers, or the promoters) tried to charge up to $450 for tickets to an NFL preseason exhibition game. No wonder the place was only slightly more than half-full!

  5. Not sure that’s a totally fair series for the Dodgers to win all 3 – but I will take it!

  6. I have been imaging a team where Joc Pederson was your big hitter, Maeda was your number one starter, and Garcia was your closer. It seems like there are teams out there right now who have similar talent levels as that on their teams right now.

    • And those 3 are all really talented. But they are all 4 or 5th best on the Dodgers. What a team this is.

  7. A’s, going for a three-game sweep, lead the Yankees 5-0 after three. Astros lead the Tigers, 6-0, in the 9th. Diamondbacks idle. Giants lost to the Cubs, 1-0.

    • According to Game Day, four of Maeda’s 15 pitches in the first inning were fastballs, including the single by Guerrero and the strikeout of Tellez.

  8. FanGraphs projections give the Dodgers 104.8 wins, the Minute Maids 102.9, the Yanquis 102.8. They give Houston a 27.5 percent chance of winning the Series, the Dodgers 19.0 percent, the Yanquis 13.2 percent.

    • That seems high for the Astros since they likely have to play the NYY’s to get to the WS.

      • I’m guessing the advantage is Houston’s starting pitching (by the way, you misspelled “Minute Maids).

  9. I always thought that Marichal should’ve been charged for felony assault with a deadly weapon. An eight-game suspension was barely a slap on the wrist.