Game 70, 2019

Cubs at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: SPNLA, WGN

Righty Kyle Hendricks (7-4, 3.00 ERA) pitches for the Cubs; Lefty Rich Hill (3-1, 2.40 ERA) does so for the Dodgers. Hendricks has won his last three starts with a 2.05 ERA over those 22 innings. He last faced the Dodgers on June 27, 2018 and it didn’t go well. He gave up six runs in 2 2/3 innings. In Hill’s last three starts he’s won two and had an ERA of 2.00. He shut the Cubs out for six innings in his only start against them last season.

Here are Bellinger’s two homers from yesterday’s game:

This date in Dodgers’ history:

  • 2003 After being activated from the disabled list by the Dodgers, first baseman Fred McGriff bats cleanup and goes 2-for-4 in his return against the Padres. It was the Crime Dog’s first trip to the DL during his 18-year career.
  • 2010 After just seven days in the major leagues, Stephen Strasburg is named National League Player of the Week. The Nationals’ right-handed flamethrower starts his career 2-0 with 22 strikeouts, second to only Karl Spooner, who fanned five more batters in his first two major league starts with the Dodgers in 1954.


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  1. It’s just a start, but Dodgers get the quality version in over 60% of their games. League average is 42%.

  2. Snakes have lost to Nats (gnot Gnats), Rox lead Pads 2-1 after 4-1/2 innings. Cerveceros and Gnats have barely started, no score.

  3. Pads have taken 15-11 lead at Coors. If this holds, division lead will be 10,5 over Rox and Snakes, 13 over Pads, 16.5 over Gnats. Still .005 behind Twinkies for baseball’s best record.

  4. In the Pads six-run ninth, OF Josh Naylor made the first and last outs with K’s.

  5. Twenty-four games above .500, tying a season high….Should we allow them two runs in the top of the first tomorrow and repeat the same scenario?

  6. I’m surprised the Cubbies aren’t in first in their division. They have an incredible line up.

  7. San Diego scored six in the top of the 9th and is now tied with Colorado, 11-11.

  8. Rich sure has recovered well after a rough start. It’s our new starting pitching mode.

    • I think I still prefer the old starting pitching mode of being completely brilliant.

  9. I heard the ump got hit in the mask in the first inning. Does that explain his strike zone?

  10. So, I was listening to the end of the Mets game last night against the Cards while driving home from work. The Mets were up 4-2 at home, and it starts pouring in the bottom of the 8th. The Mets go quickly, and the grounds crew comes out to try to dry up the infield. After a bit, they start bringing out the tarp, but the Mets players are all pleading with the umpire to let the game proceed. The rain lightened a little (and only a little), and the umps said play on. It was a 9 minute rain delay. During the delay, Diaz, the closer, was up and down, throwing some warm-ups, going back to the bench, throwing a few more warm-ups, and so on. Ninth inning finally starts, and he walks the first guy on 5 pitches. He gets a couple of outs, and then 2 straight doubles ties the game (and they were lucky that the hitter of the second double slipped in the mud after passing 2nd so they could tag him for the third out). The sky opens the rest of the way up, and the now tied game is suspended.

    They finished the game today, and of course the Mets (and Diaz) blew it in the top of the tenth, losing 5-4. If the players hadn’t insisted on putting the tarp away the game is called on account of rain, and the Mets win 4-2. It was such a Mets way to lose a game (and it was deGrom, once again, who lost the win).

    • I can’t see Taylor being able to hit well enough to fill in for Seager. Neither can I see Hernandez doing that job. Both are good fielders but each is hitting below .220. I wonder if they will call up Lux, who is at Double-A and doing very well.

      • Both are getting ABs in the lineup already at other positions, so moving either to SS shouldn’t impact the offense all that much. As such, Seager’s replacement doesn’t have to be an SS.

  11. Are the Dodgers allowed to score runs not via the HR? I guess they are!

    • Congratulations to your nation for taking home the NBA title. From what I heard, the entire country was backing the Raptors.

      • Thanks Scoop! Obviously there were some who were not cheering for Toronto (partly because – ugh cheering for a Toronto team is not the norm) but yeah our family certainly was. My wife watched her first 2 NBA games ever when she watched Game 5 and Game 6.

        • I am not a Warriors fan — I root for the Lakers (woe is me) — but my wife really got into it and cheered heartily for Golden State in the playoffs. She is not generally a big sports fan. The only two athletes whom she was a strong backer of were Joe Montana and Kobe Bryant. A previous owner of the Warriors, the late Franklin Mieuli, was a friend of ours and a very fine person.

        • I honestly don’t care about the NBA – especially since my Seattle Sonics no longer exist – but my wife is a Warriors fan. That’s largely because Steve Kerr patronizes our local Peet’s, and she’s found him a really nice guy.

          On an peripheral topic – we once got rear-ended by former Warriors player and coach Al Attles, whose insurance company settled quickly (and more than fairly).

  12. So I guess we are hoping for a repeat from last night. Cubs early, Dodgers middle and late.