Game 65, 2019

Dodgers at Giants, 4:15 PM PDT, TV: Fox

Grizzled veteran lefty Rich Hill (2-1, 2.25 ERA) goes for the Dodgers while somewhat-less-grizzled but nonetheless veteran Jeff Samardzjia (3-4, 3.61 ERA) takes the mound for the Giants. Hill went seven innings and 103 pitches against the Phillies last time out, giving up three hits and three walks and getting the win. Samardzjia got his first win since April 23 his last time out, going six innings against the Orioles.

Three bright spots from the game last night: Muncy made three defensive gems at second base.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1952 Prior to the start of a twin bill against the Reds, Dodger manager Chuck Dressen tells Cal Abrams if he wants to stay with the team that the benchwarmer will need to verbally taunt the skipper of the opposing club. Much to his chagrin, the spare outfielder, who spends the entire first game of a double-header severely heckling his opponents and their leader, is informed between games he has been traded to Cincinnati, effective tomorrow, and will need to report to his new field boss, one very angry Roger Hornsby.
  • 1955 After only eight games and 13 innings of work, the Dodgers option rookie left-handed pitcher Tom Lasorda to Montreal to make room for a bonus baby who is also a southpaw. Sandy Koufax, who had injured his ankle, comes off the 30-day disabled list.
  • 1968 Dodger right-hander Don Drysdale’s scoreless streak ends at a record 58 2/3 consecutive innings when Tony Taylor is driven in by Howie Bedell’s sacrifice fly in the fifth inning. It will be the Phillies outfielder’s only RBI for the season.
  • 2007 With their 3-0 victory over Detroit at Comerica Park, the Mets begin a span of 18 games to become the first team in baseball history to play six consecutive series against six different clubs that all participated in the playoffs the previous season. New York will compile an 8-10 record during the stretch playing against the Tigers, Dodgers, Yankees, Twins, A’s, and the Cardinals.
  • 2012 Six Mariners pitchers combine to hurl the franchise’s third no-hitter when starter Kevin Millwood leaves the game with an injury and five relievers, Charlie Furbush, Stephen Pryor, Lucas Luetge, Brandon League, and Tom Wilhelmsen, keep the Dodgers hitless in the team’s 1-0 victory at Safeco Field. Brian Runge, the home plate umpire, was also behind the dish for Philip Humber’s perfect game, making him the first ump to call balls and strikes for two no-hitters in one season since Drew Coble accomplished the feat in 1990.

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103 thoughts on “Game 65, 2019

  1. Dodgers’ lead now back to 10 over Rox, 11 over Pads and Snakes, 17 over Gnats. Half-game lead over Minute Maids, one over Twinkies, for best in baseball.

    • You misspelled “Gnats” again (and insects are a good source of protein).

  2. The Giants don’t have anyone in their starting lineup today hitting over. 247 or with double figures in home runs. They also lead us 4-3 in the season series.

    • The Busted Poseur (currently on the DL) is on a pace for 7.8 HRs and 47 RBI.

    • Grant showed that since they have both been on the West Coast it is a myth that that the giants do well against the Dodgers when they are bad (below .500 for the season) and the Dodgers are good (above .500). Nonetheless, Plunkett notes that the games are generally tense, with 50 of the past 83 games decided by 2 or fewer runs and 35 by 1 run!

  3. It’s been quite the night for Joc. He has gotten on 3 times without the benefit of a hit, walk, or error. And then he gets thrown out at home on a wild pitch.

  4. Wow. The MLB.TV feed is really having problems here.

    FWIW, the broadcast game is Cubs-Cardinals, because there are also so many of those in New England.

  5. RBI. Paging RBI. Please come to the curtsey phone at Oracle Park. The Dodgers are missing you.

  6. Today’s technically gnot a Gnat blackout because the game’s on broadcast TV, but I’ll have to go the other room instead of having access to my computer (Yeah, it’s a laptop, but I’ve never thought the world “laptop” made any sense. I might take the iPad along to chip in here from time to time).

    • I go back and forth. Desktop right now in my den, laptop (on my lap) in the living room. MLB.TV streams to TVs in both. No blackouts for me unless the Dodgers are playing the Sawx or it’s an ESPN game. Not sure about the Fox games. It most likely won’t be broadcast here today if someone of more easterly is also playing, which is ,like, always. We’ll see (actually, it looks like we’ll probably get Rox-Mets).

      Of course, for normal night games, I’m usually asleep or about to be asleep when they’re on in real time. So blackouts rarely matter.

      • I won’t get to see it today because Fox thinks there are a lot of Cardinals and/or Cubs fans in Hawai’i and is showing that game instead.

        I suppose it’s really MLB blackout rules, but if ever there was an idiotic system that’s it.

        This state used to be majority Dodgers, but it’s moved toward the Giants in recent times. There are certainly more fans of each of those teams than there are of two Midwestern teams.

        • Yeah, the blackout rules are stupid beyond belief – baseball’s form of self-abuse. I’ve refused to pay the Comcast extortionists, and use a work-around when the post-season comes.

          My experience is that you can watch other Fox games on MLBTV, but not the “local” broadcast.

    • I get blacked out when they come to DC, which is fine since I attend all the games. They will also be in Baltimore in September, but don’t recall the blackout rules. I try to catch at least one game live in good old Camden Yards.