Game 37, 2019

Braves at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: FSSE, SPNLA

RHP Kevin Gausman (1-2, 4.83 ERA) takes the hill for the Braves. He’ll face the Dodgers’ RHP Walker Buehler (3-0, 5.22 ERA). Gausman started last Friday but was tossed from the game for “intentionally throwing” behind Jose Urena of the Marlins after only 28 pitches. His short stint between starts pushes the Braves’ rotation back a day. Buehler’s ERA and WHIP (1.193) are both up while his strikeouts are down from last year, but he’s still winning.

It wasn’t just the Padres’ Renfroe hitting a grand slam yesterday. There were four other ones hit on Sunday as well.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1937 Dodgers and Giants fans attending afternoon ball games at both the Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field are thrilled to have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Hindenburg when the passenger airship appears over New York, nearing the end of its maiden voyage of the season from Germany. A few hours later, the majestic German zeppelin will explode on a landing strip in Lakehurst, N.J., killing 36 of its passengers.
  • 1947 In a small office high up behind home plate at Ebbets Field, National League president Ford Frick meets with seven Cardinal players individually, revealing he is aware of their secret plan to strike as a protest to Jackie Robinson playing for the Dodgers. The usually non-confrontational leader of the Senior Circuit makes his position clear about their planned boycott, telling the Redbird conspirators they will encounter quick retribution from his office that will include suspensions from baseball.
  • 1978 After going deep as a pinch hitter on May 2, Lee Lacy becomes the first major leaguer to pinch-hit home runs in consecutive at-bats. The Dodgers’ super sub will make it three in a row on May 17.
  • 2009 With a 10-3 victory over Washington, the Dodgers break the major league mark for consecutive victories at home to open a season with their 13th straight win in L.A. The previous record of 12 was established in 1911 by the Tigers.
  • 2015 Bob Uecker, along with fellow broadcasters Joe Block and Jeff Levering, longtime engineer Kent Sommerfeld, and his assistant, Mary Burns, become trapped for several innings as the result of a broken lock on the Miller Park’s radio broadcast booth door. A crew of workmen, using a ladder positioned on the loge level, climbed into the booth to remove the door from its hinges, while the announcers’ play-by-play continued to detail the action of Brewers and Dodgers game on the field.

    “People who are listening to the ballgame, I know what you’re thinking. He’s ready for the home. He’s cooked. It’s finally happened. He’s seeing ladders and doors without handles.” – BOB UECKER, explaining being trapped for several innings by a broken lock on the radio broadcast booth’s door.


53 thoughts on “Game 37, 2019

  1. Considering that other than Bellinger no one is really hitting consistently, its a miracle we have the National League best record at 23-14

    • Waves of contributions from different players. Those on an upswing now include JT, Muncy, CT3, Barnes and Freese. Earlier it was Joc, Quique, and Martin. Verdugo has been pretty consistent all along. Cody, himself has tailed off over the past week combined with being out for two games.

    • We obviously tend to focus more on how our players are doing, but it can be interesting to compare them to the average of the rest of the NL. OPS+ relative to what other teams are getting out of their players by position as follows: c-100, 1st-153, 2nd-135, 3rd-99, SS-72, LF-128, CF-99, RF-185, P-149. A couple of the weaker performances, 3rd and SS are where the team has very good hitters and should come around. Note: our pitchers smash! (well, relative to other teams pitchers).

  2. time for Bellinger to test out the range of motion on that shoulder

  3. After getting the save Friday night, and getting the save Saturday night, for Jansen on Sunday, the third time was the harm.

  4. It could be about 10-0 by now, but the way Buehler is dealing, it should be more than enough

      • Taylor singled to LF, but Acuña had a potential forceout at third. Donaldson was waiting for the throw with his foot on the bag, but Swanson intercepted the ball right before Turner got there. Their gloves were almost touching.

  5. Woohoo! A run! Can Buehler make it stand up?

    (Oh, sorry. I was reverting to the style of play the Dodgers had in the early 1960s.)

  6. Snakes have lost to Devil Rays. Rox idle tonight, while Mets play Pads at The Litter Box.

    • No longer nearly so interesting, except that the Snakes are still losing.

  7. In a confrontation of intimidating fauna, the Devil Rays lead the Snakes 7-0 after three.