World Series Game Six, 2017

Astros at Dodgers, 5:00 PM PT, TV: Fox

The Astros have a 3-2 lead in the Series and, in a rematch of Game Two pitchers, ask RHP Justin Verlander to close it out. The Dodgers counter with LHP Rich Hill. Neither pitcher got the win in that extra-inning affair.

The story of this game may be which starter lasts longest and which bullpen works least.

The Phillies have hired Gabe Kapler, the Dodgers’ Director of Player Development, to be their next manager.

Today in baseball history:

  • 2001 For the first time since Philadelphia A’s Mule Haas hit a game-tying two-run homer in Game 5 of the 1929 World Series, a team comes from behind to tie a Fall Classic game in the ninth and goes on to win in extra innings. Tino Martinez sends the game into overtime with a two-out homer off Diamondbacks’ closer Byung-Hyun Kim and Derek Jeter, dubbed Mr. November, wins it after the stroke of midnight with a full count two-out round-tripper giving the Bronx Bombers a 3-2 victory and knots the series at two games apiece.
  • 2009 Alex Rodriguez’s Game 3 fly ball in the right-field corner of Citizens Bank Park becomes the subject of the first instant replay call in World Series history. The Yankee third baseman’s hit, originally ruled a double, is changed by the umpires to a home run after the replay clearly shows the ball going over the fence before striking a television camera and bouncing back to the field.

Lineup when available.

535 thoughts on “World Series Game Six, 2017

    • Nice having the HFA, but the premise that the Dodgers decided months ago to have the best record in the MLB and didn’t cruise into the the playoffs seems a bit silly. They won a lot of ball games going into September because they are a good team, which allowed them to weather a 1-16 streak as they auditioned player for the playoffs.

  1. SI’s take on Game Six and the upcoming Game Seven.

    Heh. From the story: “Enrique Hernandez, who reported for duty on this Halloween night wearing a Chewbacca costume.”

  2. It was great that the Dodgers had Utley available no matter how old he may look from time to time. He has a way of doing something, especially when others are not doing all that many somethings.

    • Beyond Joc’s exploits, it notes that Tony W. has two wins in the WS, tying him with Larry Sherry among Dodger relievers. Not a strong outing, though. Hit McCann to put Gurriel in scoring position before Chase snagged the liner. Then walked Reddick the next inning before being pulled.

  3. Darvish is more than capable of pitching a great game. Wood and Kershaw available in the pen. Jansen and Morrow can each go one. Pitching will be ready for game 7.

    The Dodgers lineup is deep again with Joc “back”. Time for Turner to be Turner again. Cory and Cody probably going to think more about going more the other way. Puig has liked righties better this year.

    • Far be for me to question AJ and his lineup construction for the hands down best offense in baseball, with righties stacked in the top and lefties in the bottom, but it does allow Doc the convenience of flipping his relievers inning-by-inning to maximize split advantages.

    • Hard to imagine him doing worse than in Game 3. For that, I am optimistic because he is a very good pitcher.

  4. Kershaw, asked if he’ll pitch in Game Seven: “I can give 27 innings,” he said, possibly joking, possibly not. “Whatever they need. I’ll be ready to go with whatever they need.”

  5. Quick look at Barry’s Tickets for manana — just curious . . . Where I was Game 1 is now about $400 more list price (counting “handling,” around $1500 . . . Top Deck is the same . . . and if you want to sit in Dugout Row 4, it can be yours for a measly $21,000 (+ handling).

  6. Prediction: Sandy throws out the first pitch.
    And maybe comes in to close the game.

  7. Hindsight is perfect, but I feel for Rich. He and Roberts have disagreed at least since he was going for the perfecto.

    • Very competitive player who shows his emotions. Gather that last night he was more mad at himself for giving up a single and a double to the bottom of the order with the big boys coming up for the third time. Springer already had a dinger off of him and Bregman a single. For me, it was even more evident than in game 2 that relief was the way to go.

      • I hadn’t thought about him being more mad about himself than he was about being pulled. I agree. He was very happy when his reliever got the third out and like RBI said, with the Dodger win.

  8. 18 of 19 pitches over two innings were strikes!
    That was almost as effective as two “immaculate” innings.

  9. Liked CT’s interview — two strikes, shorten up, put it in play.
    (Please pass that on, Chris!)

  10. McCullers warming up — we see what happened when Kersh took the mound the night before.

  11. It would be tough enough to bounce back from Sunday’s loss facing elimination, but to also go against Verlander? WOW!

        • Actually, since 2013 Beltran has lost that crown. At that point he was at OPS 1.252 in 150 PA, as compared to the Babe at 1.214 in 167 PA and Lou at 1.214 as well in 150 PA. Currently Carlos is at 1.021 in 256 PA, with Justin at 1.009 in 133 PA. BTW, Joc is at .905 in 70 PA.

  12. Back from the Trunk or Treat.
    Was listening to the game under my faceless ghoul . . .but wearing my Dodger cap also.
    Heard the great top of the 5th while handing out candy, then the great bottom of the 6th when we ran out.

  13. The plans of mice and men. Chase comes in as a double switch so that Watson can face another batter, who he walks. Chase on the other hand…scores the go ahead run.

  14. Like the other night, the Dodgers miss an opportunity to get more. Hopefully they get rid of Verlander this inning.

  15. It’s tense here. Electric atmosphere. Raucous crowd. Verlander looking real tough. Thinking of you all. Trying hard to get us at least two runs.

  16. So Hill can go five at least without facing top of order for the third time. Looking good enough to go more, so far.

  17. JV throwing very similar sequences to our guys. Hopefully we will figure out how to hit them.

    • Ugh. The last thing I want to see is more Astro fans. Unless the Dodgers win and they show them then.

  18. That’s it for me for a while. I’ll hear the game, but you guys keep the vibes in the ether!

  19. Just saw the first pitchers were Orel and Lasorda.
    I thought for sure there would’ve been a big thing with many from ;’88

  20. I have unpleasant news, not related to the Dodgers. If I want a safety inspection sticker from my usual shop I gotta pay them…$3,914.

    Power steering pump replacement: $1240.99
    Rack and Pinion Assembly: $802.99
    Labor for those two alone: $700

    And a few other things.

    I didn’t really want a German-manufactured car back in 2012 when we bought this Mini.

    • I understand what you are saying – but I think Clayton (for example) has as much joy in his marriage as anyone. But he would still want a ring too!

  21. Just heard in the Fox intro that Kershaw wanted to start tonight’s game – on one days rest.

  22. My favourite part of the game so far is that the crowd noise will match my feelings and emotions.

  23. Sure hope the game doesn’t depend on a ball in RF — our favorite ump is there tonight.

  24. Either they didn’t show intros or I missed it.
    More interested in hearing the response to one particular Astro than even our guys.

  25. It’s time to mute “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and head to kitchen to grab a glass of wine.

  26. Saw the lineup at, but can’t link it here. Sorry.
    Excited about two changes from the first time they faced Verlander – – Logan is in instead of Chase, and Cody is now hitting again!

  27. Here’s hoping the Blue become the boys of November!
    No bottom of the 9th for two more games!

  28. All the talk is Astros offense this and that, best ever, never strike out, home runs galore, yada yada yada. Seems to me the Dodgers have outscored the Astros in the Series.

  29. Through a crazy confluence of events, my husband and I will be at tonight’s game!!!!! 51 reserve, row M, 9 and 10. GO BLUE!!!!!

  30. As regards the pen, Roberts is probably going to have to hold his nose and learn to regain trust in Fields and Mac, which they quickly lost. As regards which starting pitcher is able to go longer, while most focus on what they think was a quick hook in Game 2 for Hill after 4 innings, what is lost is that AJ stayed with his starter, who then gave up a run in the fifth and two in the sixth. Hopefully we can get to Verlander again and hold on.

    • Key to this game is patience at the plate and hopefully a reasonable umpire who is consistent in his calls. If we get early chances, we cannot afford to let Verlander off the hook. I think Hill will be fine and give us 5 innings, maybe followed by Wood.

      • Had Baez in the pen in NLDS instead of Ryu and Mac and didn’t use him. Farmer on and off the team. Joc off and on the team.

        For a team that won 104 games and steamrolled through the NLDS and NLCS, it is interesting that roster spots 22 – 25 were so variable.

        Utley and Ethier have been on all three rosters and yet aren’t getting much playing time.

        • Agreed. I would look at the roster when they were winning 53 of 60 and use that. Maybe tweak a pitcher, but go with what brung ya. Every time they pinch hit Utley and not Ethier, I cringe. I love Utley, but face it, he is old.

        • Don’t find that all that interesting, given the movement in the roster throughout the season. Wouldn’t expect fellows to get much playing time just because they are on the roster. That’s more a question of flexibility, opportunities and matchups.

      • Can think they of a couple of reasons. First, it was decided that Ryu was not going to be one of the four starters. There was a question of his ability to pitch out of the pen. As well, there was the idea that more righties in the pen was better than more lefties, given that the ‘Stros lineup is mostly righthanded and in particular the top five in the lineup.

    • Only one hitter got to first base of the first 14 to bat and he was erased. Verlander had a no-hitter and shutout going at that point plus was the hottest pitcher in baseball for his last 5 starts in the regular season and was lights out in the playoffs. Joc’s home run broke up the no-hitter and shutout. It also told the Dodgers they could beat Verlander.