World Series Game One, 2017

Astros at Dodgers, 5:09 PM PT, TV: Fox

It’s lefty versus lefty in Game One, as Dallas Keuchel (14-5, 2.90 ERA) takes the hill for the Astros and Clayton Kershaw (18-4, 2.31 ERA) does the same for the Dodgers. Keuchel is 2-1 in three starts this postseason with a 2.60 ERA, while Kershaw is 2-0 in his three starts this postseason with a 3.63 ERA.

I didn’t realize the two managers worked together in San Diego and are good friends.

This is the first time two 100-win teams will face each other in the Series since the Reds and Orioles in 1970 (the Series Roger Angell of The New Yorker called “The Baltimore Vermeers”).

Today in baseball history:

  • 1972 Jackie Robinson, weakened by complications of heart disease and diabetes, dies of a heart attack in his home in North Stamford, Connecticut. The 53-year-old nearly-blind baseball pioneer and social activist’s death comes nine days after his appearance at the World Series, where he threw the ceremonial first pitch before Game 2 at Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium.
  • 1987 The Twins, amidst the deafening crowd noise of the hanky-waving fans in the Metrodome, stave off elimination when the team scores a total of eight runs in the fifth and sixth frames of Game 6 to beat the Cardinals, 11-5. Minnesota’s southpaw-swinging Kent Hrbek hits a sixth-inning grand slam off left-handed Ken Dayley to put the contest out of reach for the Redbirds.
  • 1992 In Game 6, Canada wins its first-ever World Series when the Blue Jays beat the Braves at Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium, 4-3. Forty-one year-old Dave Winfield’s 11th inning double is the key hit in Toronto’s victory.


236 thoughts on “World Series Game One, 2017

    • There are many good things about the ‘Stros, but none of them is good enough to justify a Houston Series victory.

  1. I felt a bit sickly during the day, from what I don’t know, but this game re-energized me.

  2. Jackie Robinson would have liked that, and I am sure that his wife, Rachel, and their children, who were all there, did.

  3. JT!!!!!!!!
    The cheers for him became the loudest of the night since Vinny took over after CTS home run

  4. We need to you have more to cheer about and wave our towels because that creates a breeze

  5. Joe Buck’s utterly ignorant – this is the likeliest time for excessive heat in Southern California.

  6. Ha. I just psyched myself out for half a moment. When they went to break, I wondered to myself how the other baseball series was going.
    Nope this is the only game around Dave.

  7. Does anyone cook “stadium food” on game nights like this one? Hot dogs, burgers? We’re having pizza because I can’t be bothered cutting and slicing and standing over the stove.

  8. I am wearing one of my two Jackie Robinson T-shirts today, not realizing that he died 45 years ago today.

  9. Great atmosphere riding the Dodger Express to the stadium. Now in a humongous line to get into the store. I may just order my t-shirt by mail.

    • That’s what I was thinking. I think it will be 1-1, but then we will win 2 out of 3 in Houston, before winning game 6 back at home

  10. Just saw the roster. Seager (yay!) and McCarthy in. Granderson and Farmer out.
    Surprised about McCarthy. He hasn’t pitched in a long time. I guess he would be long relief guy if needed.

  11. Also – I have been so excited to be corresponding via email and telephone with Scooplew over the last few weeks.
    He very generously bought a Dodger shirt and sent it along with some items from the playoff game he went to this year. Check out what my son will be wearing tonight as we watch the game together tonight!
    Thanks again Scoop for your kindness and thoughtfulness!!

    • WinnipegDave: Thanks for the shout-out. Always glad to bring joy to young baseball fans, even those who are not rooting for the Dodgers (but being a Dodgers fan adds to the pleasure). I expect you and your son to root the Dodgers to victory from Manitoba!

  12. So exciting. I have been getting ready for this one by reliving moments from 1988. I used to love the video montages networks would do at the end of World Series (and other sports championship events). Here is the one from 88 – featuring Whitney Houston’s song (done for the Seoul Olympics that summer).