NLCS Game Five, 2017

Dodgers at Cubs, 5:00 PM PT, TV: TBS

The Dodgers try to close out the series again today with LHP Clayton Kershaw (18-4, 2.31 ERA) pitching against the Cubs’ LHP Jose Quintana (11-11, 4.15 ERA). It’s a rematch of last Saturday’s Game One pitchers.

Kershaw went five innings in that game and got no decision. Quintana also went five innings and got no decision, giving up the tying runs and watching his bullpen and offense fail him.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1981 The first Canadian pennant hopes are dashed when Dodger Rick Monday’s ninth inning two-out dramatic home run beats the Expos, 2-1, in the deciding game of the NLCS. It will be the first and last time in franchise history the team makes it into the postseason until 2012, when the Washington Nationals, the team’s new name and home for the past seven seasons, finishes first in the National League East Division.

In other baseball history, in 2004 in an ALCS game which features two reversed calls by the umpires, the Red Sox become the first team in baseball history to force a Game 7 after trailing the series 0-3. Boston, which was three outs from being swept in Game 4, gets an outstanding pitching performance from Curt Schilling to beat the Yankees at Yankee Stadium 4-2. Schilling played with a dislocated ankle tendon, thus this game was called “the bloody sock” game. Also, in the NLCS Game 7 in 2006 Endy Chavez made a leaping catch at Shea’s left field fence, grabbing a ball seemingly destined to be a Scott Rolen two-run home run and starting an unbelievable double play. The heroics are overshadowed in the ninth inning as Yadier Molina hits a two-run homer and Carlos Beltran, who has the best HR ratio (11/81) in postseason history, looks at a third strike with the bases loaded with Mets, giving the Cardinals a 3-1 victory and the pennant.

Lineup when available.

474 thoughts on “NLCS Game Five, 2017

  1. The AP game story mentioned that Kershaw is now 6-7 for his postseason career, tying him with Burt Hooton for most postseason wins in Dodgers history. Raise your hand if you knew Hooton held that record.

  2. From that same SI story, Turner was cryptic about this, saying during a postgame interview that it was between Kiké and the owners, but here’s what it was all about:

    His teammates knew, as did he, that one of the Dodgers’ owners had pledged after the second home run to donate $2 million to Puerto Rico recovery efforts if he hit a third.

  3. Sports Illustrated:

    The Dodgers are doing this for themselves and for each other. Ace Clayton Kershaw, who spun innings of one-run ball, has suffered from anemic offensive support in his last five NLCS outings: zero, zero, one, zero and five runs. His teammates discussed repeatedly how much they wanted to give him a cushion Thursday.

  4. Do you all realize that Culberson has now had a hand in an NL West-clinching game last year with the walkoff HR and now the NLCS-clinching game with that catch of the liner in the 9th?

    • Watched JT and CT’s press conference and several times they stressed how it’s a different player each night. This Team really is a team.

  5. Imagine that Charlie has a shot at the WS roster after all. While Seager might normally be expected to play every inning of every game, given the injury they may want him to eat up a couple of innings at SS. Farmer might be the guy to go, as Dodgers are now more conventional in there use of Barnes and Grandal.

  6. RBI, where do you usually park and how early do you have to go to get there? I’m looking to buy a ticket for Game 1, about $250 more than yours and they want another $250 for parking!

    • I park north of Sunset on East Kensington Street. Turn right up Marion past VIn Scully off Sunset then right again on East Kensington and park on the street. Get there a couple hours ahead. There is a staircase that goes straight down to Sunset midway on East Kensington, or you can backtrack to Marion. About a fifteen minute walk.

      • Thanks!
        I just got my ticket, for Game 1.
        Unfortunately, no Tinker Math applied here, but what the heck — once in 29 years, right?!
        Ebay also has “reasonable” parking tickets available . . . never thought $57 was reasonable until I saw them charging over $250 at Barry’s.
        I’ll chart out where you’re talking about so I have an idea. Is it residential parking?

        • Yes. Both sides are residential parking. You will really appreciate it as you stroll away from the stadium and down Vin Scully Drive past the stalled cars.

      • The historic angle on playing the Yanks is pretty hard to top. As well, would be a big boost to baseball in general. The Colt 45s were never a big draw for me, except watching Nolan Ryan and when they had the Killer Bees. Fat Elvis is a favorite baseball nickname for me. Tremendous hitter as well.

        • I disagree. The Dodgers should not have to degrade themselves by playing a mediocre second-place team.

  7. Rats — my local station stopped carrying the postgame (idjits) and lost Gameday Audio.

  8. My local station usually cuts away right after the game, including after the LDS clincher.
    So far, I still have them.
    Meanwhile, I also have Gameday Audio going, just in case.

  9. Including the fact that JT had already signed, that conversation between JT and Kenley, convincing him to sign with LA . . . most valuable play?
    Injuries which brought up CT and Cody?

  10. The only thing better would’ve been to do this at home. But I don’t know if I could’ve waited/handled the nerves.

  11. Just saw the replay of the homerun, when Hernandez crossed the plate Puig was cowering afraid he was going to get hurt, by the guy.

  12. Anderson: The Dodgers have had the Cubs number SO FAR. Emphasis mine. But how much time is left?

  13. Go Astros for Game 6, hopefully several extra innings.
    And even more innings for Game 7 . . . I think I want the Astros, just to avoid the Yankee mojo.
    Still, Dodgers vs. Yankees . . .

  14. “Dodgers will not need an airplane to get back to Los Angeles tonight.” — Steiner

  15. ‘He’s never going to have a night in baseball like this. Few ever will,” Steiner said.

  16. With everyone talking about the patience of the Dodger bats, think HOU/NY pitchers will try a different gameplan? And Doc figuring that?

  17. Ron, darling how is it rubbing salt into the would by just saying how the Dodger bullpen has shut them down?

  18. Just finished having dinner with old friends with the game on TV in the background. Just read all your posts. Great job by you all and the Dodgers tonight.

  19. That incredible stat of the record with- and without Seager starting has sure improved since Saturday. Hopefully they’ll be able to make it even more impressive in the WS.

  20. The adaptability of This Team is soo impressive, epitomized by CT playing everywhere and Kenta going to the bullpen and being lights out.

    • Just think — from Darling to Buck.
      If there wasn’t a delay, I’d listen to radio with the picture.

  21. Who do we choose?
    JT . . . CT . . . Kenley . . . “the bullpen” . . . “This Team”???

  22. The magical 5th is the first inning they DON’T score?
    Maybe they’re in a hurry.
    Shut them down, CK!

  23. Doesn’t that sum up Kershaw’s year — the first hit he gives up is an HR.
    I know it’s affected most pitchers. Are there any #s on who has suffered most, %-wise?

  24. I knew Bryant wouldn’t stay down for the count.
    Luckily it was a solo shot . . . and cuts the lead to only 8.

  25. Darling suggesting Puig and Dodgers not being professional – but exhibiting shenanigans.

    • At least the 2nd time this game — AND a runner thrown out at the plate.
      Amazing how it doesn’t matter.

  26. Relatively bad game for Puig so far at the plate.
    How great that (so far) it doesn’t really matter.

    • His hustle on the basepath helps — great where they can always contribute, one way or another (been saying that all year, but it’s been true all year — minus a few weeks in September).

  27. Stats people — what’s the record for # of innings that a team scores in the postseason?

  28. Mo said it’s so quiet, you can hear the vendors going through the stands. (Steiner said at this rate, they’re going to run out of beer.)
    Let’s keep it that way!

  29. After Charlie and Mo were talking about Rick’s HR on this date, had to watch it on YouTube.
    Monday said he felt like a kid rounding the bases, living out childhood fantasies. When Kike hit the slam, he figured Hernandez knew the feeling.

    • Conservative baserunning. Actually, it woulda been a single and an error because Zobrist bobbled it.

  30. Let’s keep this Groundhog Day feel going with more scoring this inning– top o’ the lineup!

  31. left hand pitcher, right hand pitcher, who cares, just play this lineup the rest of the year in every game

  32. Let’s hope it’s deja vu all over again from Saturday (with perhaps a sharper outing from Kersh, but as long as the Blue get the W, I don’t care!).

  33. I think that today’s game will be an important milestone in Clayton Kershaw’s brilliant career, regardless of the outcome.