Game 80, 2017

Dodgers at Angels, 7:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-W

The visiting Dodgers will send LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu (3-6, 4.30 ERA) to the Orange County mound to face RHP Alex Meyer (3-4, 4.20 ERA) of the Angels.

Ryu allowed two home runs and five hits against the Mets in his last start but avoided the loss as Turner, Hernandez and Pederson all homered in the Dodgers’ 6-3 win. Meyer gave up five earned runs on five hits in 3 1/3 innings and lost to the Red Sox last Friday. Before that he’d had a streak of seven consecutive starts allowing three or fewer runs.

This date in Dodgers’ history, from the sublime to the ridiculous, or possibly vice versa:

  • 1964 Take a look at the Giants’ 3rd inning here. Was Willie Mays surprised to find Roseboro on the basepaths?
  • 1969 After ending an 11-game losing streak in their previous contest, the expansion Padres are the victims of a 19-0 shutout for the second time this season when Dodgers right-hander Don Drysdale equals the National League-record for the largest margin of victory in a shutout. L.A. will score more than half of their runs when they tally ten times in the third inning.
  • 2008 In Chavez Ravine, the Dodgers, without the benefit of a hit for the entire game, defeat the Angels, 1-0. The combined losing effort of Halo hurlers Jered Weaver and Jose Arredondo isn’t considered officially as a no-hitter because the home team didn’t have to bat in the ninth.

Lineup when available.

141 thoughts on “Game 80, 2017

  1. Too busy dodging tornados last night, checked in this morning and wow! Tough way to lose.

  2. Wasting all those early walks didn’t help.

    Well, we have Kershaw going tomorrow night. And Arizona and Colorado also lost tonight. (Trying hard to see the glass half-filled.)

      • And losing the game on a strikeout. Not that I like reading autopsies, but can someone describe to me what happened on that final play?

        • Maybin strikes out. Ball goes through Grandal’s legs. He picks it up, double clutches and then throws high to first. I thought that Utley tried to go for the out more than just trying to catch the ball. But I would need to see the replay again.

          • I think to the left of him. But I want to see the replay again. Well, kinda sorta want to see the replay again.

  3. With Colorado and Arizona having lost, I feel like we’re playing with the house’s money, and we just drew a 5 on a hand of 16 (blackjack) in the top of the 9th.

    • Baez was warming earlier. Or Morrow.
      But I would be fine going from best (Jansen) to less best (everyone else).

  4. Don’t want to cheat the fans out of baseball . . . hoping for bottoms of the 9th in all these away games!

  5. Too many routune fly outs and easy ground balls for the Dodgers tonight.

  6. Thank you, Puig!
    Again, a shame one can’t get points off of great defensive plays, like in so many other sports.

    • Baseball is, I believe, the only sport in which the defense always has the ball.

  7. If the injury was affecting his pitching, I hope Ryu is healed quickly!

      • His best outing of the year although, like Hill, he was pitching against a weak lineup.

        • “Weak lineups” can beat “juggernauts,” as we know all too well.

  8. I believe the disappearance of the Dodger offense coincided with the national story calling them a “juggernaut.”
    They have been anything but since then.

  9. Winnipeg Dave: The answer is yes in respond to your question of last night about my friend who lives in Saskatoon. He is Dave Margoshes, the writer.

    • I read at least 2 of his short story collections last summer. Wonderful writer. I really enjoyed them.

      • That’s great to hear. I will share that with him. You might enjoy his novel Wiseman’s Wager. The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 plays a backdrop to parts of the book.

        • I will give it a try!

          To be specific I read A Book of Great Worth, Bix’s Trumpet and Other Stories, and God Telling a Joke and Other Stories. I loved the title story of the last one!

          • Here’s Margoshes’ bio from the website of Oolichan Books, which is located in British Columbia:

            When I was thinking of becoming a teacher about 15 years ago and was taking graduate classes at night, I wrote a paper on one of his novels, I’m Frankie Sterne, which I greatly enjoyed.

          • Well, I will check that one out as well.

            How did you guys connect and become friends?

          • I met him at the first daily newspaper job that I had in Monterey, CA, in 1972 after college I was a sportswriter and he was a copy editor. We hit it off and became friends. A few months later he and his wife moved to Vancouver. He has also lived in Calgary, Regina and Saskatoon. I have visited him several times, including with my wife. Great writer, great guy. I am trying to find him an agent for him in the U.S. and am meeting with one next week.

          • Cool. And it would be fantastic to see him have a wider audience, which I assume is the plan with the agent.

          • Yes. It is hard to break into the U.S. market. I wonder if there is an anti-Canadian mentality in the U.S. publishing field.

          • And I for one will claim him proudly! But he needs to be introduced to all y’all in the south.

  10. Dodger fans making themselves at home while away — sounds great, unfurling the LA banner.

  11. Yas man!
    Now that the first hit is out of the way, let’s get on the scoreboard under the “R” — MANY times!

  12. Just tuned in and heard that the Angels bullpen was stirring. I was encouraged, picturing a Dodger lead, only to learn they’re just spinning wheels, with three zeroes across the board.

    The offense has been MIA since the CO series (yes, they got enough last night to win, but diddly other than that inning) — I wonder if it’s a letdown from playing a division contender.

  13. Hopefully a battle of attrition. Lots of walks and all of them stranded. Still looking for some productive at bats.

  14. Nice start by Ryu. Need a timely hit or three to get the offence going.

  15. I guess Bellinger at DH is to give him a bit of a rest without giving his hot bat a rest

    • With Turner nursing an injury, he might have made a better choice, but giving Bellinger a rest from playing the field makes sense.