Game 77, 2017

Rockies at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTRM

YALHP Tyler Anderson (3-5, 5.75 ERA) goes for the Rockies and RHP Brandon McCarthy (6-3, 2.87 ERA) pitches for the Dodgers.

Anderson has been on the DL for much of June with an inflamed left knee. He’d had a bad April but a good May. He’s 0-3 with a 5.74 ERA in three starts vs. L.A. this year. McCarthy’s had right knee tendinitis since Spring Training and it flared up on May 27, when he threw six scoreless innings in a victory over the Cubs. In the four starts since then he has a 1.59 ERA while holding opponents to a .218 batting average.

Seager is still day-to-day, and we may get some news about Puig, who looked like he twisted or pulled something when he took second base in the 7th inning Saturday night.

This day in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1937 Augie Galan becomes the first National Leaguer to hit a homer from each side of the plate. The switch-hitter’s pair of round-trippers, a homer from the left side off Freddie Fitzsimmons in the fourth frame and from the right side in the eighth against Ralph Birkofer, helps the Cubs beat Brooklyn at Wrigley Field, 11-2.
  • 1968 Bobby Bonds hits a grand slam in his third at-bat of his first major league game, going deep off Dodger right-hander John Purdin in the Giants’ 9-0 victory at Candlestick Park. The 22 year-old Giant outfielder joins Philadelphia National pitcher Bill Duggelby (1898 – first at-bat) as the only other player to hit a base-loaded home run in his major league debut.
  • 1984 Dodger infielder Bill Russell plays his 1,953rd game to become the team’s leader in games played. The shortstop, who will extend the mark to 2181 during his 18-year tenure with the club, is hitless in three trips to the plate, but will walk twice in LA’s 9-4 loss to San Diego at Chavez Ravine.

Lineup when available.

As I suspected, Puig is not in the lineup. Gutierrez has been put on the 10-day DL with an episode of ankylosis spondylitis and his roster spot taken by Mike Freeman. Also, according to management, Seager is feeling much better today.

145 thoughts on “Game 77, 2017

    • I know the Giants have won titles more recently that the Dodgers, but do you want to do that at the expense of having to go through a season they are currently experiencing? I am happy to have the Dodgers consistently play above average baseball year in and year out, with an occasional title, than to have to go through a hopeless season like the Giants are experiencing.

      • Gnatfans might feel better about it if the team showcased their blue-chip prospects (Spoiler: they don’t have any).

  1. Had to bag it at the 6th last night and just woke up to this. Surprise, surprise, suprise! {in Jim Nabor’s voice}

  2. I am really impressed with this team.

    The streak has to end at some point and it seemed like today would be that point. Even tho they got many runs as gifts, I choose to believe that their hustle and aggressiveness helped as well.

    The fact that during these 10 games, they played and beat two 1st place (or recently in 1st place) teams is really impressive to me.

  3. Maurice Sendak wrote a children’s book called Where the Wild Things Are, this game was the sequel.

  4. Wild game. Opposing pitchers seem to keep forgetting that Kenley used to hit for a living. Maybe the Dodgers should let him hit whenever they decide to pinch hit to bring him into a game.

    I was thinking that Vin would’ve been beside himself on this one, because whenever there was a runner on third, he’d always let you know how many wild pitches a guy had thrown…

    “Well Ottavino has thrown three wild pitches this season… Make that four wild pitches… Five… Six… Seven… “

  5. Freeway series tomorrow: 2 in LA, 2 in Anaheim. On paper the Dodgers should clobber the Trout-less Angels with little trouble, but paper is for Strat-O-Matic. We get old friend Nolasco tomorrow with a 2-9 record this year.

  6. The craziness started with Grandal at the plate, but I never imagined it would end with him back up again (and striking out again)

  7. “5 wild pitches in one game. Number of occurrences: 5.[24][25] Most recently, Freddy García, April 10, 2012. Rick Ankiel of the 2000 St. Louis Cardinals and Bert Cunningham of the 1890 Players’ League both threw five wild pitches in a single inning.”

    Anderson had one, Ottavino had four, and for the Dodgers McCarthy had three. Eight in this game all told.

  8. Just got home from a trip to the Bay Area, where an old friend received her doctorate at a small institute. Listened to the Giants-Mets game en route and there were periodic updates on the Dodgers game. It was 6-4 Rockies at last report. Went to the computer at home and it’s been magical since.

  9. I wonder what the records are for most wild pitches in a game is and for most runs scored on wild pitches.

  10. I wonder what is the most run scoring wild pitches in a game by the one pitcher?

  11. Including today, Pederson is now 14-for-41 (.341) since his return, with five doubles and four homers in 13 games.

  12. Shades also of Kirk Gibson scoring the winning run from 2nd on a WP in the magical year of ’88!

  13. 2 runs on a WP!
    Shades of the double play at the plate we were talking about last night!

    • If they don’t lead with having the longest games, the Dodgers are definitely up there!

  14. Lyles ambling out after a five minute plus discussion on the mound with Anderson. Momentum stopper if I ever did see one.

  15. Booth taking about the rarity of move from pitcher to position player. For the Dodgers, Loney springs to mind, though he never pitched professionally.

    • I believe Dodgers had Loney warming up in a game once, but I can’t recall the details.

  16. First time in a long time with a starting time other than 4am. 10 pm, just as if I were on the East Coast.

  17. Apparently it’s Kenley Jansen day in the media. First, ESPN has an interview with him about the languages he speaks and how that’s helped him. There’s a nice paragraph about Puig in there.

    Second, Dodger Insider has a feature about his accomplishments in the last couple of years.