Game 55, 2017

Dodgers at Cardinals, 10:45 AM PT (that’s 7:45PM CEST for Bob Hendley), TV: MLBN (out-of-market only), ESPN, SPNLA, FS-M

RHP Brandon McCarthy (5-1, 3.28 ERA) goes for the Dodgers and RHP Adam Wainwright (5-3, 4.20 ERA) will go for the Cards. McCarthy left his last start against the Cubs after six scoreless innings, complaining of knee tendinitis, which he says he’s had since spring training. Wainwright has made three consecutive quality starts, giving up just one run in his last 20 1/3 innings. This will be his 331st game in a Cardinals uniform, which moves him past Larry Jackson into 10th place on the all time games-pitched list for the Redbirds.

This day in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1955 Duke Snider blasts three home runs in the Dodgers’ 11-8 win over Milwaukee. Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, and Roy Campanella also go deep in the Ebbets Field’s contest, helping Brooklyn set a franchise record with six home runs.
  • 1962 In the nightcap of a twin bill at Shibe Park, Don Drysdale beats the Phillies for the 13th consecutive time, continuing a streak which started in 1958. The Dodger right-hander, however, will drop his next seven decisions against Philadelphia after today’s victory.
  • 1997 When Wilton Guerrero scurries to pick up pieces of his shattered bat after grounding out to start the game, home plate ump Steve Ripley becomes suspicious and discovers that the bat has been altered. The rookie Dodgers second baseman is immediately ejected from the game by crew chief Bruce Froemming, and the 21 year-old infielder will also receive an eight-day suspension and a $1,000 fine for his use of a corked bat.

Lineup when available.

115 thoughts on “Game 55, 2017

    • Third, because the Fish messed up against the Snakes, who are tied with Rox for first.

  1. It’s not as if the Cardinals were hitting that well. They can thank their pitchers for these two wins.

  2. If we get to the bottom of the 9th, I think the Dodgers have only eight position players available, including Gutierrez, who hasn’t appeared.

  3. Just listening on the radio, but either the Dodgers are completely frustrated or this ump is completely wrong . . . or both.

  4. Whew . . . three runs seems insurmountable right now.
    C’mon, bats — pull this out!

  5. Depressing thing about baseball when your team is losing — can’t score on defense.

  6. Dodger offense seems to be as streaky as Andre used to be.
    Currently hitting as well as he is.

  7. Dodgers in May
    Wood 5-0. 1.27 ERA
    Kershaw 3-1, 2.43
    McCarthy 3-1, 3.57
    Maeda 2-0, 3.64
    Ryu 1-1, 3.72
    Hill 1-1, 4.50
    Urias 0-2, 6.62
    Jansen 1 win, 1 save, 0.87

  8. Dodgers in May:
    Toles .360/.385/.440/.825
    Grandal .337/.374/.523/.897
    Turner .333/.435/.373/.808
    Taylor .322/.430/.511/941

    Utley .314/.402/.571/,974
    Barnes .310/.444/.586/1.031
    Gutierrez .273/.385/.455/.839
    Hernandez .271/.353/.525/.878

    Gonzalez .269/.273/.404/.677
    Seager .255/.371/.388/.758
    Bellinger .245/.314/.566/.880
    Puig .222/.268/.378/.646
    Eibner .222/.300/556/856

    Pederson .182/.287/.291/.568
    Forsythe .160/.344/.320/.664
    Van Slyke .100/.182/.400/.582

  9. Still in this game. Should be the last inning for Wainwright and then it will be time to go to work on the bullpen.

  10. Dodgers hitting in May:
    .265/.346/.445/.791, 159 runs in 28 games (tops in NL), average of 5.69 per game (tops in NL),

  11. Scoop remarks on Bellinger’s slump, but Seager’s really suffering a power outage.

    • Rundown of runner coming home who returns to third by then occupied by another runner. First runner was called out, presumably because second runner owned the bag.

  12. Our season is now one-third over (33-21). One can project full-season numbers, which, of course, will be inaccurate. So, Kershaw would go 21-6, Wood 18-0, McCarthy 15-3 and Ryu 6-15. Kershaw has allowed 10 homers already, meaning he would give up 30 for the entire season. He has never allowed more than 16. Jansen would have 24 saves. He had 47 last season.
    Puig would hit 27 homers and drive in 87, Seager 21-72, Taylor 18-57, Grandal 15-69, Gonzalez 3-60. This is Bellinger’s 35th game, so his projections are hard to figure. He is now 11-29. Likewise, it is hard to come up with Turner’s. He is currently 1-17. Puig would strike out 123 times.

    • Wood:18-0! That would be fun.
      Also the Dodgers would finish 99-63 which isn’t too bad.

  13. I am listening to my freezer thaw while hoping that Sears will find a hole in its repair schedule into which the thing can be fit this morning.

        • Link: I hope you have better luck than we had when we purchased an over, stove and microwave from Sears last year. Although it ended up well, it took about seven visits from Sears and the subcontractor/installer before everything was taken care of. A lowlight was when Sears said, yes, I was on its delivery schedule for the designated time/day, but, no, they didn’t have a truck in our area that day. Huh? After the microwave was delivered, we waited to open the box until the rest of the merchandise arrived. When we opened it up a few days later, we saw a big dent. Sears first said it wouldn’t replace it because more than three days had passed since we received it and later offered to take $40 of the bill because of the dent. We eventually got a new one in perfect condition after rejecting the $40 offer. All’s well that end’s well, but I did get aggravated.

    • The Dodgers continue to take full advantage of the 10-day DL policy, using it like a revolving door. I am considering going on the 10-day Linkmeister DL with a sore finger that makes it tougher for me to type my messages.

  14. I thought that Bellinger should have been given the day off yesterday; he is in a mild slump. I would have sat him today and not moved him up in the #3 slot vs. Wainwright. He is now 2-for-22 with 10 Ks.