Game 13, 2017

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

RHP Taijuan Walker (1-1, 4.91 ERA) takes the mound for the D-Backs and LHP Rich Hill (1-0, 1.80 ERA) comes off the 10-day disabled list to pitch for the Dodgers. Walker lost his grip on his last start against the Giants when he threw away (video) a comebacker with the bases loaded in the 4th:

With the bases loaded and one out, Moore tapped a dribbler that Walker fielded halfway up the first-base line. He threw wildly past home, enabling Brandon Crawford to score. Catcher Jeff Mathis scooped up the ball but misfired past Walker, who was covering home. Joe Panik scored on that play. First baseman Paul Goldschmidt caught up with the ball and threw home, but Jarrett Parker slid under Walker’s tag.

Hill missed his last start with a blister on his pitching hand. His curve is devastating to hitters but it hurts him as well, apparently. In his first and only start so far he was very effective, giving up only two hits and one run over five innings to the Padres on April 5.

The Dodgers will have to option someone to make room for Hill on the roster. Trayce Thompson goes down. Forsythe’s hammy leaves him available for pinch-hitting duty today. He’s expected to be back in the lineup tomorrow.

Lineup when available.

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    • Off-topic, but there’s an interesting NYT article today about the Monterey Pop Festival, in which I learned that none of the performers were paid – it was a charity event. There will be a 50th anniversary event this summer (with a contemporary lineup, but the same producers).

      • If I remember rightly, Jefferson Airplane performed at all three of the most famous festivals — Monterey Pop, Altamont and Woodstock — the only band that did. I wonder if they got paid for the other two.

        Link to the article.

        • I directed this to Scoop because he’s a Monterey resident. I’ve only seen the movie, but I was around for Altamont. Woodstock eventually made money, I think, though I have no idea how much went to the musicians. Still, it certainly promoted their music (Altamont not so much…).

          • Saw a list of bands and what they were to be paid for Woodstock. Not sure they actually received the money though.

  1. Since Opening Day Grandal and Pederson have combined for no homers and 1 RBI (Pederson).

    • Still managing to be productive in that period, Grandal with .371 OBP and Joc with .343.

  2. If healthy, the Rox could be the Dodgers’ strongest division challenger. They have some really good young players, with an especially promising pitching staff. They’ve taken some early blows, though, and lack the Dodgers’ depth, I think.

  3. Utley has been absolutely lost at the plate to start the year. But I’m alright with Stripling going another inning.

  4. Hmm – this is not what I was hoping from Hill’s return… He is definitely struggling.

          • This is the centennial of Uruguay’s 1917 Constitution, which does not acknowledge religious holidays.

          • If you’re like me, you couldn’t swear which country was Uruguay and which was Paraguay. I know very little about S.A. and I’d like to know more.

          • I used to be able to identify any country on a blank map of the world but no longer. And as for knowing much about Uruguay, Paraguay or really any of the other S.A. countries – I’m with you Link in wanting/needing to know more.

          • Uruguay is a smaller Argentina without the chaos. Paraguay is a classic kakistocracy – once, when a Wall Street Journal reporter interviewed a local businessman about the impact of the new Mercosur common market, the response was “We may have to stop smuggling things and start producing things.”

  5. Rockies got three in the top of the 1st off Samardzija. Blackmon led off the game with a homer, Arenado later doubled in a pair. Giants now batting. Weather is bad. The A’s game across the Bay has already been postponed.

    • I think Hatcher is out of options, so any team could claim him first. He’s looked better lately, in low-leverage situations, but Fields got sent down after looking lights-out because he has options. They may also have to make room for Urías before too long.

      • Yeah, Urias seems like a June decision. I suppose that Stripling might also be a candidate in the short term or even Hill if he gets blisters again (heck, I suppose they could use the 10 day DL all season long with him getting in every other start)