World Series Game Seven, 2016

It’s a magical phrase for a sports fan, Game Seven. Just look at all the previous ones from the World Series.

Here you’ll find Grover Cleveland Alexander’s masterful job of relief in 1926, when he entered the game in the seventh inning of Game Seven after winning Game Six the day before and struck out the Yankees’ Tony Lazzeri with the bases loaded to retire the side. You’ll find Dizzy Dean’s 11-0 shutout of the Tigers in 1934, with the left field fans showering Ducky Medwick with bottles after he spiked Mickey Owens in the previous inning. You’ll find Bill Mazeroski’s home run in 1960 and Luis Gonzalez’s bloop single over second base off Mariano Rivera in 2001. And you’ll find Gene Larkin’s single in the 10th inning of the Jack Morris shutout game in 1991.

Cubs at Indians, 8:00PM ET, TV: Fox

The Cubs ask Kyle Hendricks to be the man. He started Game Three, went 4 1/3 innings and gave up six hits but no runs in the eventual 1-0 loss to the Indians. He’ll be opposed by the Indians’ Corey Kluber, who’s already won Games One and Four in this Series for the Tribe. He’ll try to join a very exclusive club of pitchers who’ve won three games in a Series; the last member to join was Randy Johnson of the D-Backs in 2001.

Cubs Lineup:

Indians Lineup:

162 thoughts on “World Series Game Seven, 2016

  1. It was an interesting game, with a few exciting moments, but nevertheless a disappointing result.

    • I would venture to say that it’s completely disappointing only to Indians fans . . . and disciples of schadenfreude.

      • The Cubbies were deserving winners, but the Series on the whole was lackluster and Game Seven was truly sloppy on both sides.

        • “Sloppy” to you — and it wasn’t perfect, but “best ever” to many writers (not posters).

          • Two runs scored on wild pitch, good relievers coughing it up, infield and outfield misplays – all detracted from what could have been a truly memorable game.

  2. The season which saw the retirement of a legend — Vinny . . . and a curse — on the Cubs . . . is over.
    What a way to cap it all!

  3. The run differential in this series was 0.
    27 runs for and 27 runs against. Just wish there were a few more close games.

  4. Final assist by Las Vegan Kris Bryant.
    Most Valuable Call — Heyward’s players-only meeting during the rain delay.

    • It had its moments, but very sloppy. It’s fair to say the Cubbies were baseball’s best team this year, but they’re still a disappointment.

  5. Again, for a sense of perspective:

    Sorry I'm stoned, I meant to say "end of the World Series." The world doesn't actually end until next Tuesday.— Jesus Christ (@Jesus_M_Christ) November 3, 2016

  6. Oh good. I was concerned there wouldn’t be another pitching change to sit through again this baseball season. Thanks Joe Madden.

  7. Maybe the Dodgers should have signed Zobrist last off season. Ain’t hindsight great?

    • He won in blue last year . . . hopefully this year . . .
      Dodger Blue in the future?

      • That put me in mind of Don Baylor who went to the WS 3 years in a row with 3 different teams. He lost with the Red Six in 1986, won with the Twins in 1987, and lost with the A’s in 1988.

        • Ha! I had “won lost with the Red Sox in 1986.” Which is as about as true as it comes.

          • Kenny Lofton had some kind of playoff streak going toward the end of his career, as I recall. I know he played for a bunch of teams one year at a time after his first few years in the bigs.

  8. The only thing more fitting would have been this scenario but Boston vs Chicago circa 2003.

  9. I can’t believe Chapman goes out for another . . . but then i thought he would not’ve been there in the 9th (nor last night’s 9th . . . or 8th . . . ).

  10. I didn’t realize the shift and thought that was into the outfield.
    Well, either a walkoff win . . . or extra innings.
    Maddon has NO trust in his bullpen!

  11. If this was the Dodgers in this game (as either the team that lost the lead or the team that tied it up), I would be losing my mind a bit.

  12. Wow.
    Credit to the Indians for making it happen, but this is on Maddon for wasting Chapman last night. He should not have been in there with a 7-2 lead, much less the 9-2 lead. And he started giving up runs last night.
    Go, Blue — go, Cubs!

    • Yep bringing Chapman in for game six did increase their likelihood of winning that game, but only from 90% to 95%. Not sure it was worth it.

  13. Interesting to think back to last Dec or Jan when the Dodgers initially tried to trade for Chapman. And now here he is trying to get the last 4 outs to win the World Series.

    He is basically the reason I don’t want the Cubs to win. But I would be happy for Ross to win.

  14. You're watching the History Channel. We now return to The Last Time The Cubs Won The World Series: Hitler's Rise To Power— Dollars Horton (@crushingbort) November 3, 2016

  15. 6 more outs!
    I would put Lester back out there until he gets in trouble.
    I didn’t like Chapman going in last night with the huge lead and if he comes in now and falters, who backs him up?

  16. I was going to post that the Indians don’t deserve to be blown out . . . but a couple-run lead would be nice on my nerves!

      • I respect the Indians, but I went into the season hoping the Cubs would win if the Dodgers didn’t.
        It’s rare that I’m not rooting AGAINST someone. (Maybe because the Giants aren’t playing. 🙂 )

        • I don’t mind having lost to the world champions. And perhaps if they win they won’t be as likely to next year? But I really like the Indians team as well.

  17. Perspective, not politics:

    The last time the Cubs won a World Series, the Republican Party favored voting rights for African-Americans.— EMAILS! (@mattyglesias) November 3, 2016

  18. I fractured my collarbone on a play like that, playing 1B and trying to get an errant throw.
    Last softball game I played in.

  19. Not to take anything from the Cubbies, but run 5 should have been a strike out instead of a walk, leading to Rizzo’s RBI.

  20. Baseball man. That ball hit the lip of grass and changed the whole play. Of course trying to make a bare handed catch and throw is always risky.